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Bride Blogger Danielle - The Dress, part 1

Bride Blogger Danielle - The Dress, part 2

Thank you TLC for not only making girls everywhere daydream about trying on dazzling dresses at Kleinfeld Bridal, but also dream about having that monumental experience of saying “yes to the dress!” I cannot even begin to guess how many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress I have binge watched over the years.

Making my dreams -partially- come true, I was able to schedule an appointment at Kleinfeld last spring while visiting friends in New York City. While I had a blast and felt like a princess, I didn’t end up saying “yes to the dress.” However, I did learn a few key lessons that have helped me move forward in my search for the perfect dress!

1. BE PREPARED TO DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING DAY. The consultants want to find a dress that will complement your wedding aesthetic.

2. KNOW YOUR BUDGET. Nothing is worse than trying on (and falling in love with) a dress you cannot afford.

3. TAKE PICTURES. Trying on dresses can be an overwhelming experience. For me, it was easier to pick out what I liked/didn’t like about a dress by looking a picture versus looking in the mirror.

4. SHOP WITH LOVED ONES. Saying “yes to the dress” isn’t an easy decision. Make sure that you are surrounded by the people whose opinions you value the most.

5. HAVE FUN. Remember that dress shopping is supposed to be enjoyable! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself – not everyone will find their dream dress right away.


Bride Blogger Casey - Color Palette, part 1

Bride Blogger Casey - Color Palette, part 2Picking your wedding colors isn’t as simple as choosing from your favorite colors. Much more goes into the process than meets the eye. Numerous factors are considered in the process, including setting, mood and season. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard during my wedding-planning process is to let your colors flow with your venue, rather than fighting against it. For example, emerald and dark greens are prominent in the decoration scheme of my venue, so I chose to take advantage of this detail and use it as one of my wedding colors.

It’s also important to keep your priorities in mind. I couldn’t image my wedding day without greenery, flowers and foliage as part of my decor. This gives me another opportunity to incorporate my main color in an organic way. Once you have an idea for your main color, consult the color wheel! It’s a simple way to find complementary shades that are easy on the eyes. For my secondary colors, I chose gold and ivory. A classic way to build your color palette is by pairing a bright, saturated color with a neutral.

No matter what you decide, don’t overthink it! Not every part of your wedding has to match perfectly and there’s no need to get caught up in having a strict color palette. All of these details are minute in comparison to the most important thing of all – you get to marry the love of your life!

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