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{bride blogger katie} meet our newest bride

Meet our newest bride blogger!

Katie will be saying “I do” on December 30, 2011 to the love of her life, Jerad!

How we met:

Jerad came to Lincoln with a group of his friends one Friday evening and wound up at The Grove, where I had a fun part-time job bartending on the weekends.  I had just gotten to work & was getting things set up for the night when Jerad’s group came into the bar.  Jerad spotted me from the doorway, but had a slight delay getting in as he fumbled looking for his ID.  Once he got in, he made a beeline to where I was to order a drink.  After a couple of expertly-poured Jim Beams and some witty banter throughout the evening, he asked to take me out that weekend.  Instead, I gave numerous reasons why I would be too busy to go out with him, but he persisted.  Before the night was over, I gave him my number.  We went on 1 date the following week, then he left for California the next day for work (he’s a custom harvester).  We logged over 225 hours on the phone between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when he came back to Nebraska.  The rest is history in the making!
How he proposed:
Before Jerad & I had met, I’d made plans to go to New Orleans in late October to visit one of my best friends from college.  It just so worked out that Jerad finished up with harvest in time to be able to make the trip with me.  I cancelled my plane tickets and we set out on our first road trip together.  The main reason for my trip was that my friend Bre & I were going to do our 1st half-marathon together.  A couple of weeks before the trip got underway, Jerad & I had done some ring shopping, so I had an inkling that he might propose in the near future.  On the day of the half-marathon, I spotted Jerad and Bre’s husband cheering for us at various points along the route.  Around the last mile of the route, I spotted them again, only this time, Jerad jogged out to join me for the last leg of the course.  I really thought that was going to be the moment when he popped the question (or at the finish line), but he psyched me out. 
It actually ended up happening the following week after we were back in Nebraska, and back into the swing of our every day routines.  Jerad had come to Kearney one evening while I was still at work.  We had chatted briefly about what time I thought I’d make it back to my apartment; I told him not to worry about dinner and that I’d make something quick for us when I got home.  When I did make it home, I found him lingering around the kitchen.  He set to work on doing dishes while I set to work on preparing for us a gourmet meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese.  While I was fumbling around the refrigerator trying to decide which ingredients to pull out, I discovered a curious wooden box.  Jerad got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
He did later tell me that he’d had the ring with him throughout our entire trip.  He just never felt like he had the perfect timing.  He wanted it to be an intimate, private setting for us, and my kitchen ended up being just that!

Our wedding theme:

I’d have to say it’s a mix of things.  I love classic, timeless, elegant style.  We’re having a winter wedding so I’m sure we’ll use a lot of candles and some glitz to set the tone for the NYE weekend.  Family will be an important piece of the planning & celebrations because our familes have not yet met.  Mine is primarily in Lincoln, while Jerad’s is spread out around CO, KS, and NE.  We’ll have friends traveling from all over the US also.  While I was finishing my undergraduate degree, I did a study abroad trip to China & was fortunate enough to get to attend a wedding.  One of the things I loved from that wedding was that the bride & groom came to each table (with their maid of honor & best man) & did a toast with each group of guests.  Although we probably won’t do bottles of rice liquor, I love the idea of these “mini celebrations” as you make your way through the reception.  I think the most important detail for us and our wedding planning will be bringing everyone together & having fun with it all!


We can’t wait to follow Katie’s journey down the aisle!

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