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I’ve been wearing flip flops for months now, but just a few more weeks until it’s officially summer! With the warm weather season, I’ve been thinking a lot about my honeymoon.  We worked with Enchanted Honeymoons Travel in Omaha (Lindsay is great, by the way) and will be spending a week at a Sandals resort in Jamaica, and as you might imagine, a decent amount of money doing that. So I’ve also been thinking a lot about savings accounts.

 We feel really fortunate that our parents are being generous in helping out to pay for our big day so we won’t have to pick up too much slack outside of the honeymoon. In preparation for that expense, we’re trying to start saving early. [read: I keep telling Matt we should get a specific savings account for it that we can add our cash gifts to later and he says he will get around to it soon].  Now that it is indeed nicer weather, though, it should be easier to save, as I won’t feel the urge to stop for a latte more days than not.

 What we have done at least is open a joint checking account for wedding costs, and our bank does offer incentives for opening an additional savings account, but I recently found this as another option: This ING Orange Direct Savings Account would allow us to earn up to a 1% annual interest yield. In other words, that puts money back into my pocket to use on fun things like more honeymoon excursions! It doesn’t sound like setting this up with our employers should be too difficult either. I think I’ll let the fiancé figure that part out. For me, back to daydreaming about sand and sun now…

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