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{fitness challenge} the results

As I said on Friday, Saturday was my final testing for Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping’s ten week summer session… which was also the conclusion to my Fitness Challenge by Nebraska Wedding Day!

 At the beginning of this program, we took all our measurements, our body fat percentages, and weight, but we did not do them again during our half-way, five-week testing.  Going into Saturday, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I knew I was making changes but I had no idea the real numbers… I am proud to say that I made improvements that really surprised me!

 I lost 12 inches. I dropped 2% body fat. I shaved nearly 2 minutes off my mile time. I improved in all areas: running, push ups, sit ups and even the sit and reach!  All in 10 weeks! I was feeling so proud and amazed when I left on Saturday. 

 I was shocked again that Saturday night when Farrell’s had their celebration party and they awarded the $1,000 to the person who was most improved.  We received our before and after shots together, and I really liked what I saw.  I could really see the change, especially in my midsection where I lost 5 inches at my waist!  And then my name was announced as a top five pick to win the $1000. I couldn’t believe it.  I knew I worked hard. I knew I looked better, felt better and lost body fat. (My lame goals from day one!)   But, Top 5?! I had no idea my efforts would pay off so much.  I did not win the $1000, and the winner deserved every penny—her results were seriously jaw-dropping.  It goes to show that Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping works, and I highly, highly recommend it to anyone that wants to change their body and get toned!

 I have to thank Nebraska Wedding Day for getting this challenge together.  Not only do I feel great, but I am so motivated to keep up what I’m doing to look and feel great on our wedding day in April! I would have never had this opportunity without seeing this giveaway on the blog! And of course, I need to thank Tammie at Farrell’s for an awesome opportunity and the guys at Max Muscle for their consultations and products for 10 weeks! You all rock. Thanks, again.


 An extra shout out and congrats to my team… 3rd place overall! We did it!

Before, during testing:

After, at the celebration! Look at how great we cleaned up!

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