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bride blogger blair: honeymoon

With two weeks to go, I’m filling my time with all the little details, vendor confirmations and payments… aka BORING stuff. 

So for my post I’ll talk about the honeymoon. But not what we’re going to do or how tan we’re going to get at Sandals Negril, but WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! I did an internet search on what to pack and promptly started having chest pains.  I have approximately 5% of the suggested items on the packing lists! Perhaps I should’ve thought ahead a bit more.  I did go as far this year as to buy my first swimming suit in three years, but sarongs, a big hat for laying out, bug spray, nice shirts for Matt – all of that will have to be added to my shopping list.  About as far as I’ve gotten is digging out a $15 iTunes gift card from my coupon drawer so I can buy a book for my iPad to read on the plane. 

Even so, the mere thoughts of the seven-mile beach and gourmet international feasts are getting me through the last of the to-dos.

Speaking of those, this week I am taking my yellow color swatch to Hy-Vee for them to match the dessert frosting, I am calling to add a few more centerpieces to my Mulhall’s florist order (under predicted number of tables initially by four) , confirming my rehearsal dinner caterer, dropping off my ring to be engraved and soldered, and hopefully finishing up wedding party gifts.   Oh – and I also squeezed in my practice hair appointment. It went great and I look just like the picture of Angelina Jolie I brought in (haha).

But back to the honeymoon.  Let’s hear it: best honeymoon packing and activity advice??

  • Lane - Blair,

    You are going to LOVE Negril! A couple things to swipe from your medicine cabinet:

    The sun down there is different than it is up here. VERY intense. It’s not a good place to work on your tan..instead bring the strongest sun screen you can find and put it on repeatedly when you are in the sun. Even more so when you are in the dreamy Caribbean!

    I didn’t have any problems, but my wife got bit up pretty good one night by a mystery bug. The hotel option was pretty expensive so, maybe a tube of Afterbite or something.

    Did I mention the sun was intense? Bring Aloe Vera.

    If you are prone to car sickness, you will CERTAINLY want something for the drive from the airport to Negril. If not, crack open a Red Stripe, sit back and enjoy the ride. No problem, mon!

    All inclusive resorts are a lot of fun! Bring your favorite headache relief medicine 🙂

    More than anything, bring a smile and a laid-back attitude. The Jamaican people are awesome, the Caribbean is spectacular, the sunsets are divine and the jerk chicken is scrumptious. Everything will be Irie!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Pack light! Nothing can ruin your day faster than missing luggage or leaving your third (or fourth) carry-on bag on the bus/taxi/shuttle. Bring a bunch of basics and then get creative with accessories. And don’t forget to leave a little room for souvenirs! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jessie - I was in Negril in May, it is beautiful!! Remember nice sandals (not flip flops) for dinners, and make sure your hubby-to-be has closed toed shoes as well, and a pair of dress slacks for the nicer restaurant. As for you, just a couple sundresses, a cardigan for the colder nights, and lots of sunblock!! (don’t worry you still get tan, just skip the burning!) I read a lot of books on the beach as well, so if you like to read stock up there. Also, don’t forget a beach bag, I did and bought one down there, great souvenir but expensive! 🙂 Enjoy!ReplyCancel

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