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bride blogger katie: party part II

I had my 2nd round of bachelorette festivities this past weekend.  My bridesmaid, Angela, went above and beyond hosting a bash in Lincoln on Saturday.  The evening started out with dinner at my mom’s and a lingerie shower, followed by a night out at Blazin’ Pianos and a number of other downtown bars.  
 I wasn’t entirely sure what to wear out that night, especially since it was sooo cold! I think I probably tried on 3 different outfits before I settled on one, but then Angela had a surprise shirt she’d made for me instead. The front read “Kiss this Bachelorette good-bye!”, with “The future Mrs. Heinrichs” on the back.  Also waiting for me, she had the obligatory veil and sash, along with beads, a light-up ring, pin, and GIANT bouquet of suckers that she’d made.  On top of all of this, did I mention that Angela is pregnant and due within a week of the wedding?  She was such a trooper!!  It was definitely a special night that won’t soon be forgetten.  I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends & family.
 On Sunday I met with our florist, Stacy, at Petal Creations.  Before our meeting, I was a bit unsure about what color to choose for flowers.  I’d been torn between white/cream for a classic look, or red for a pop of color since our main color is black.  Stacy made a good point that I could probably go further with fewer flowers by choosing the whites and creams.  Since the wedding is just the week after Christmas, the church will still be decorated, so we didn’t really plan for anything there aside from a memorial arrangement in honor of my dad, and our grandparents.  At the reception, we’re planning to incorporate more silvers and golds for a glitzy New Years’ weekend look.  The picture below from is what inspired me for our reception decor.  Jerad recently found some birchwood via Craigslist, so I have a pretty good inkling that we will spend a few hours of this weekend getting it cleaned up and cut to the right sizes.  I’m excited to see all of it come together!
38 days to go!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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