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bride blogger katie: wedding week

It’s wedding week!  Although we have a full itinerary planned out, our mantra is “just enjoy it”.
On the schedule for today: getting the marriage license, making confirmation phone calls, and date night with Jerad, which I’m so so so excited for!  We have a dinner reservation made, and nothing else scheduled into our evening.  It will be really nice to just have some time for ourselves in between the hustle and bustle of holidays and wedding.  In fact, aside from being in the car together (always going to the next place), I’m not so sure that I do remember when we last had some time to just spend alone together.
Tomorrow afternoon, my mom and I will be enjoying some pampering spa treatments.  My skin has kind of taken a hit this week (I’m sure primarily from stress), so I’m pretty hopeful that it can be saved by my esthetician (and lots and lots of water).  Wednesday will also be a big travel day for many of our attendants and family members.  My mom’s family has planned a “get acquainted” dinner and shower for tomorrow evening so that everyone isn’t meeting for the 1st time at the rehearsal or wedding.  Then, Jerad will have his guys night out later that evening.  Watch out, Lincoln!
I’ll get in some quality time with my girls on Thursday at a bridesmaids luncheon that my mom is hosting.  We’ll also wrap up any last-minute projects that may pop up and finish decorating for the reception.  Thursday evening will bring the ceremony rehearsal and dinner afterwards.
After Thursday comes wedding day!  Wow!  I know that, despite the plans and lists and itineraries, something is bound to fall out of place.  At this point, I think we’re ready to just roll with it.  At the end of it all, we’ll be married, and that’s what really matters.  On to the next chapter! 
3 days to go (or as my dad would have said, 2 days and a wake-up)!

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