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bride blogger dani: the menu

When deciding on the menu for our reception Kane and I both agreed that we wanted something simple and laid back. Having a formal dinner is not our style and we wanted something that was fun and a little different. Since it will be the middle of August we were looking for some light dishes and decided on a fruit salad, green bean salad, and vegetables for our sides.  To play up things a little bit, we plan on serving the fruit salad in individual cups that way the juices aren’t mixing with anything and it adds a personal touch. We figured these cold dishes would go nicely with the (most) likely smoldering August heat. For a meat dish we both decided on pulled pork sandwiches, a summer favorite for both of us!

All my life I have loved comfort foods and you can usually find me cooking up something like meatloaf, lasagna, and macaroni and cheese year round in my kitchen. But by far, my favorite food is potatoes. I wanted to incorporate this into our meal somehow and decided on a baked potato bar! It will consist of both baked and mashed potatoes and we will have 11 different toppings to put on them–cheese, chili, salsa, broccoli, you name it!

 Baked Potato Bar

By adding in a few of our favorites foods it helps personalize the day to Kane and I’s taste…who doesn’t want to eat their favorite things on their wedding day!?! We have been working with Tonya Fiske from Minden on the catering and she has been great so far and I have no doubt everything will turn out exactly how we have planned.

How did you decide on your menu? Are you including any of your favorite dishes?

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