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bride blogger dani: invitations

When picking out our invitations I knew I wanted something simple and classic. I had played around with the idea of adding in some color but eventually decided to go with a neutral tone. The invitations in general were not a big deal to me; however, everyone says invitations set the tone for the event so I sought out to find ones that represented us the best.

I first started looking through the printing company that did our Save the Dates, who ordered from a larger company called Carlson’s. After looking through the books I saw they had some beautiful ones, but nothing really caught my eye (except for some of the price tags—which nearly gave me a heart attack) I decided to explore a different route. I was at Michael’s one evening getting some stamps and noticed the huge display of invitation sets they had. I found a design and set I loved, however they only had 2 boxes and I needed at least 5. I bought the two with a 50% off coupon I had printed from their website and headed straight home to call the Michael’s store in Bellevue. After talking to a customer service representative on the phone they went searching and found exactly 3 boxes left! I may have the sweetest fiancé ever, who volunteered to drive me to Bellevue the next evening after work so I could pick up my last remaining boxes.

The set I bought had a website to download templates for the invitations and rsvp cards and I spent a couple days figuring out the wording. I have saved a couple of my old Nebraska Wedding Day magazines and found an article on how to address invitations—which saved me a lot of time trying to research it on my own! I had contemplated printing them myself at home, but eventually decided against it. I took them to a FedEx Office store and had 200 invitations and RSVP cards printed for under $30! Another plus, was the printing took less than 12 hours to complete!

All in all, I am happy I went with the semi DIY route for invitations. In the long run it helped me save about $200, which I will happily be able to use on something else wedding related! And it was fun to actually put such a big piece of the day together by myself. However, if you choose to go this route I do have a few suggestions.

Make sure they have enough. If you need five boxes but they only carry four, make sure they can order more in.

Play around. I made up three different mock invitations and sent them out to my mom and future mother in law to see which ones they liked. I would make a change and look at it a day later. By not jumping the gun to hurry and get it finished I ended up with something I loved.

SPELL CHECK SPELL CHECK SPELL CHECK! I was in the process of saving the file to my flash drive to take to the printer when I realized children was misspelled!

Make it your own. Just because they offer a template for you to use, doesn’t mean that is necessarily what you have to use. Be creative and make it your own.

Which route did you decide to take when it came to your invitations? Any other tips for brides looking to go this route?

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