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bride blogger dani: update

This week has been busy trying to get my invitations ready to go out in the mail on Friday. Making sure that every envelope has all the correct inserts, everything is spelled correctly, and that we didn’t miss anyone on our list is time consuming! Thankfully one of my bridesmaids is coming over after work this week to help me out. I have decided to keep track of the RSVPs that come in on my computer, since my list is already on there. Do any of you brides have a special way of dealing with this? I have also been trying to make and finalize appointments for day of so I can start making schedules for everyone and photos.

Since we are down to less than 2 months from wedding day tasks are starting to feel more urgent and overwhelming(as they should be), I can see how easy it is for brides to be stressed by this. Thankfully, I have a really good support system and people who are willing to help out. However, I have a feeling my time is coming—any tips on keeping sane during the last couple weeks? Since my fiancé and I have most of the big things related to our wedding taken care of the next two months will be filled with showers, finishing up the small details, and enjoying being engaged!

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