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NWD do-it-yourself | Striped Seating Board

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board INTRO

This easy DIY Striped Seating Board is showcased in our Fall Feature spread in our current Fall 2014 Issue, out on newsstands now. We’ll show you how you can complete this simple project and have your own customized seating board that fits your personal wedding style and that’ll make seating your guests a snap!

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board Supplies

With a quick trip to your local craft and home improvement stores, you’ll be able to get everything you need to complete this project. Your shopping list should include: canvas, wood board, paint, roller, paint tray, painter’s tape, scissors, ruler, blank tags, cut tacks, hammer, thread/twine, marker, wax seal, wax, and matches.

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board Msr + Tape

This project can be tailored to fit the specific number of guests you have in attendance. Using a 20″ long x 16″ wide canvas, our board includes seating tags for 20 guests. Be sure to give your guest list some thought when selecting what size of canvas you’ll need. Since the canvas is hollow in the back, we also bought a wood board to wedge in the back for support. Cut the wood board to size and secure to the back of your canvas. Next, grab your ruler and painter’s tape to create your stripes by balancing your lines of tape with an equal line of blank canvas. Be sure to press down firmly on the edges of your tape to secure it. Now you’re ready to paint!

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board Paint + Peel

Grab your painting supplies and put 2 coats of paint across the board. Be sure to follow the instructions on your paint for dry time and make sure you get good coverage with the paint so that you don’t see white canvas through. If that happens, just slap another coat of paint on! Once you’ve allowed for the appropriate dry time, carefully peel off your tape. For our next step, we’ll jump over to the name tags. Here’s a closer look at the supplies you’ll need.

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board Tag Supplies

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board tags

Cut your thread or twine to your desired length and loop through the hole in your tag. Then, using your wax seal, wax, and matches, place a wax seal over the hole, securing the thread in place. We found that it worked best to lay wax paper down over the work surface and use a piece of tape to secure the top of your thread. After completing your wax seals, mark your tags with your guests’ name and table number. Next, you’re ready to add your cut tacks to your board!

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board Cut Tacks

Grab your ruler again and mark out your desired spacing for your tacks. Using your hammer, lightly tap your tacks into the canvas. Be sure to insert your tacks only as deep as you need in order for them to be secure. Now you’re ready to put it all together!

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board Nail + Hang

Tie a knot at the top of your thread and cut off any excess. Hang your tags by looping over each cut tack. If your seating board will be displayed outdoors, consider securing the bottoms of your tags to the canvas with a glue dot to ensure your tags stay in place. Using your easel of choice, proudly display your striped seating board and you’re DONE! Now your guests will find their seats with ease!

Fall 14 DIY - Table Board END

Remember to check out the entire Fall Feature spread by picking up your very own copy of our Fall 2014 Issue! Click here to find out more!

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