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Bride Blogger Brittney // A Tropical Themed Bridal Shower


We hosted my bridal shower over the weekend – I chose to just have one bridal shower with friends and family from both sides invited. This worked for me because the guest list for each side was short. Having one also allowed family and friends to meet each other before going to Mexico for the wedding. However, this does not always work for everyone. I would recommend if your guest list starts to go over 50-60 people, it may be necessary to split it into two showers. It also depends on who has volunteered to host the shower. If several people have and they would like to work together, then they should be able to handle hosting for that many people, but 40-50 guests may be too many for one hostess to manage alone.

To get things started, I invited all five hostesses to my house one evening to meet and discuss duties. I also made a pinterest board and shared it with them so they could easily exchange ideas and see what I had in mind. My hostesses did a great job – the games were fun and different, the décor was particularly great with all this warm weather we’ve been having and the guests all said they had a great time meeting everyone.

I chose to have a theme for my shower, which I think is optional. I had five women hosting the shower so having a theme made it easy to unite everyone as they worked on things individually. My theme was tropical, mostly because I love bright colors but also because it fit with the destination wedding. They chose to incorporate gold pineapples, tropical cocktails and bright colors.

To specifically thank my hostesses, I handmade a vase and filled them with bright colored tulips, which are my favorite to have around the house this time of year. To thank the guests, I highly recommend purchasing your thank you notes ahead of time so you can get to work on them right away!

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