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Bride Blogger Anna // Choosing a Wedding Band: The Groom


When Borsheims hosted one of their YES! events, we thought it would be the perfect time to go and pick out Brian’s wedding band. You might be surprised at how many styles, shapes, colors and materials are out there for your man’s wedding ring – I certainly was! The design of my own engagement ring is pretty simple and frankly we never thought much about matching it anyway. So, he had free reign with choosing the design of the ring, all while I followed him around drinking a mimosa (dare I say the best part of the event). For a guy who doesn’t wear any jewelry, this can be a tough choice. The term “simple, but not too simple” was used quite a bit. Once he picked the one he liked, the color choice debate set in. Since he was stuck between two, our consultant was kind enough to let him order the style in his size and in both colors to try on. We loved that we got to see the actual band fitting well on his hand before making the final decision. In the end, Brian chose a charcoal gray, tungsten ring with polished edges and a matte center. Now to finally get to see him wearing it everyday!

The most important thing we learned while shopping for Brian’s wedding band is all about the different metal types available. The main categories are:

Precious Metals

  • Platinum: My ring is platinum, so we could have chosen a platinum band that matched, but men’s rings are much larger and therefore costlier – we didn’t see the need to splurge here. The pro of platinum is its durability (it can scratch, but can be buffed shiny again) and the con is that it is just plain expensive.
  • Palladium: Similar in its properties to platinum (appearance and durability), but cheaper.
  • Gold (white, rose, yellow): The ultimate classic. It is shiny, engravable and can be resized. Just like with engagement rings, white gold rings are typically rhodium plated and can require replating eventually. While this metal can scratch, it can be polished, although you will lose a little metal every time you do so.

Contemporary Materials

  • Tungsten: This style offers sleek contemporary styles for very reasonable prices. It is extremely scratch resistant and won’t bend over time, but it is also brittle – be cautious of dropping it as it can shatter. This metal type cannot be resized, however most companies will offer a lifetime sizing policy if a new ring size is needed due to finger size changes.
  • Silicone: This one is a bit trendier but becoming more common, especially as a second option when not wanting to wear a traditional ring (i.e., when working, going to the gym, going on vacation, etc). It is very durable and perfect for an active lifestyle. Silicone bands are waterproof and slip-proof, flexible and hypoallergenic. If having a sweet message inside your ring is something you want, know that there is no ability to customize these rings outside of color and size. They are very cheap to order but will eventually need to be replaced as they can stretch out overtime.
  • Titanium & Stainless Steel: Very affordable, yet easily scratched.

With this information as your starting foundation, you should be well-equipped to launch your own shopping excursion for men’s wedding bands!


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