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Bride Blogger Brittney // Paper Goods for a Destination Wedding


A couple months before your destination wedding you’ll want to start thinking about the type of paper goods you’ll want to have at your wedding – such as programs, menus, welcome notes and more. You’ll want to order them or have them printed ahead of time so if there is any assembly required, you can do that and have them ready to go!

  • PROGRAMS: A fun program idea for the ceremony is to design them as fans. You can either order them this way or attach a wooden stick to the program for guests to keep cool during the ceremony.
  • MENUS: This may or may not be necessary for the reception at your destination wedding. The resort may even make them for you if there’s not enough time for you to print them yourself.
  • WELCOME NOTES AND ITINERARIES: This would include an introductory note for your guests to set the tone for the trip. Many destination brides include a welcome note, thank you note and an itinerary for the events throughout the week or weekend.
  • PLACE CARDS: If you are planning to have assigned seating, these are something you will need. Our resort has offered to make these for us, but check on that just in case it is something you will have to provide yourself.

Paper goods for a destination wedding can be tricky, as I’m learning. You often sort through all of the small details in the couple months before your wedding, which may not leave enough time to print some of these items. If that’s the case, your wedding will not be a failure if you don’t have these small items – it may just be something you have to leave out for your own sanity!

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