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Bride Blogger Brittney // Gifts for the Parents


While I’m not sure if getting your parents a gift for the wedding is required, to me, it is more of a token of gratitude not only for support during wedding planning, but also throughout your life. On your wedding day, you are transitioning to a new phase – where you go from one person to, now, a part of a duo. This is a perfect time to reflect on the adventures you’ve had and the endless love and support your parents provided through all of those ups and downs. Reflecting on those things can really provide a guide as to what gifts you may want to give to your parents on your wedding day.

As you think about your gifts, you should decide if you will give the gifts as a couple or individually. Also, consider who should pick each gift. For example, the bride may pick the mothers gifts or her own parents’ gifts. Ultimately, this can also be something you do together. As we considered gifts, we discussed what we wanted them to mean to our parents and what sentiment we hoped to display. I haven’t really come across any hard and fast rules for gifts to your parents – it’s meant to come from your heart and thus should reflect whatever that means to you.

For gifts, we loved anything customized! So it just depends on the interests of each parent as to what we may customize. We found several great options:

  • For Dads: Personalized accessories for the wedding day such as tie clips, cuff links, belts or ties; fun gifts that include their hobbies such as personalized golf balls or cocktail glasses; or other things such as a personalized t-shirt, framed picture with a letter, watch or wallet.
  • For Moms: Jewelry is always a great bet! I liked necklaces that matched for each of you to wear or jewelry to match her wedding-day outfit. Some of the items for dads can also be used for moms including personalized items like cocktail glasses, t-shirts or a framed picture. Cozy home items are also great and can include a coffee mug, blanket or jewelry dish.

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