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Bride Blogger Anna // Wedding Videography



The great debate early on in our wedding planning was whether or not to hire a videographer. I was easily on team wedding video, but as we booked vendor after vendor and cut details here and added details there, I started to push this dream idea lower and lower on the priority list.

Truthfully, I have always been a sucker for a good highlight video. I can still remember the first time I saw a wedding highlight film in the TV room of my sorority, surrounded by friends all crying to total strangers’ vows, because we truly felt transported to that day. Even though I knew videography wasn’t in our plans, I couldn’t help but learn more about local options available. Once I watched former Bride Blogger Brady’s video, I was sold.

Brian would hear music cue on my computer and know another video was playing, finally encouraging me to just make it work. I laughed him off until I came across bride after bride telling me how fast the day goes, how much they wish they could remember every sound and see every motion. Then I read a quote saying, “You will spend months, if not a year or more, planning out every tiny detail of your wedding day. It will be so meaningful and so beautiful, but it will go by in a flash. Photography helps to capture many of those details, but film can help to transport you back to the day.” Yep, we were making this work.

I also knew that when it came to investing in wedding-day videography, we needed to do it right. No stationary camera set-up could compare to the artistry in creating a wedding film that not only captured the details of the day, but also set the tone for the feeling and mood created, as well. So, we booked our wedding videographer and are anxiously awaiting to relive the day through their lens. Except that means our day will have gone by in a flash, and I’m just not ready for that to happen!

Some considerations to keep in mind when booking a videographer are:

  1. How many shooters will be there?
  2. Is the video footage shot in HD?
  3. Are the files delivered in DVD or on thumb drives?
  4. Make sure your ceremony is shot in full; if your package is for a shorter time allowance, you definitely won’t want to skip this!
  5. Do they edit the day into a highlight reel? While you may want to watch five hours of wedding day footage, having an easily sharable version will ensure a perfect way to relive the day!

Are you on team video? What helped you decide?


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