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Bride Blogger Anna // One Year Later


Brian and I celebrated the anniversary of our engagement last week! While wedding planning has been the constant theme throughout the year, planning for our marriage has been the foundation. As we get closer to the big day and reminisce on the day we said ‘yes’ to spending forever together, learning how we each want to build a life together for a lasting marriage has become the most important part of our wedding-planning journey.

As you finalize the details, it is important to relish in this premarital time through workshops, books, counseling or simply conversation. Don’t overlook this step as you prepare to become husband and wife. Looking back, one of my favorite parts of our engagement was a gift I received from Brian the next day. Since it was my birthday, he had told me he had a special gift for me to open and inside the box I opened were the words he had prepared when proposing all written out. I will forever cherish having this first set of promises to each other, as it is all too easy to forget those precious details. As we prepare to write the vows we will say on our wedding day, I have loved having this gift as inspiration, as well as a perfect way to always remember that special day that started this whole journey.


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