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Bride Blogger Molly / Selecting Your Wedding Invitations

BB Molly - Wedding Invitations

It’s time for Joshua and I to pick out our wedding invitations! After a lot of deliberating, we decided to have them custom-made by a local vendor, Dana Osborne Design, because of the personalized touch and our passion for creativity & art. Many factors influenced our decision and I’m hoping that by sharing our thoughts, we will help you make your invitation selection too!


Consider . . .

1/   Run with your wedding theme and colors.

2/   Keep the writing simple and clean.

3/   Take some time to think of the right wording & don’t forget to carefully proofread the final design.

4/   Compare costs Is personalized artwork significant to you and your fiance? If so, you might want to consider a custom design instead of a generic predesigned template. However, if you want to pinch pennies that option may work best.

5/   Don’t leave out the other items you’ll need from your paper goods set Thank You cards, menus, programs, escort or place setting cards, and so on!


This is a REALLY fun part of the wedding planning! It can be overwhelming at first, but just go stepbystep, breaking it down by pricing, theme, colors, and it will be a breeze.

Happy Planning!



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