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Pretzel Bars

Food bars are a wedding trend we will always be 100% behind, and when you add salt and carbs into the mix, well – we’re in heaven. A pretzel bar can be a budget-friendly foodie option for your reception. Serve it up as a precursor to dinner or for a late-night snack to fuel all your dance-happy guests – and watch as their eyes light up in delight. Beer cheese, spicy mustard or caramel dip for a sweet + salty spin … just a sampling of the deliciousness that you can serve up alongside the pretzels for drenching. With a variety of display options, from going all in on a food cart showpiece to a DIY approach where they dangle from a copper pipe + wood base stand, you can’t go wrong for how to lay out these twisty treats. Check out just a few of our favorite pretzel spreads below!


Pretzel Bar NEW

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