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Ring My Bell!

We all know of the long-held wedding tradition that has the bride and groom locking lips at the sound of their guests’ chorus of clinking glasses. (Side note: ever stop to think how that’s kinda weird that at the right time and place, you can compel people to kiss just by hitting your spoon upside your water glass?) It just so happens that some tales trace the custom back to ancient times when it was thought that the clatter scares the Devil away, seeing the couple kiss in celebration of his absence. Nowadays, we don’t know that many modern wedding guests are acting as Ghostbusters when they summon their newlyweds to kiss, but nevertheless the nuptial pastime has endured. If you’re keen to embrace this charming wedding tradition, consider equipping your guests with wedding bells to spark a lip lock. From individual ringers that double as lovely guest favors, to displaying a common kissing bell at your reception – you can personalize the ringing to your preference, fitting your particular style all the while entertaining your guests and keeping the Devil at bay – WIN, WIN! 




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