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A watch is the perfect gift for your husband-to-be, and there are so many styles to fit his look! Not only will it be a special detail that he will wear on your wedding day, every time he puts on his watch, he will think of your special day. For some of our favorite watch styles, check out these inspiration images!

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I am excited to write this blog post because it is about one of my favorite topics – desserts! For our destination wedding, I won’t get to make too many decisions about our desserts, but I love all things sweet so planning the desserts for the reception was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. There will be cake at our destination wedding that we can just choose the style of, and any other desserts are pre-planned as a part of the readily available menu options.

For the reception in Omaha, we really got to start from scratch and pick anything we wanted. This was hard for me – I really just love ALL desserts! We thought about all possibilities and things that we typically saw at receptions. We also thought about the sweet treats that we loved even if they weren’t necessarily traditional. It was our celebration after all, so why not enjoy with our favorite foods? I don’t think there’s really any right or wrong when it comes to your wedding planning. You pick what you love and that’s the end of it. For our dessert options we considered cupcakes, but they ended up being more than we wanted to spend. Drew doesn’t like cake, so that option was out too. Our choice came down to either donuts or cookies with milk. Both choices are mine and Drew’s weaknesses. Since our overall theme for the reception was somewhere between casual & fun and classy & romantic, we thought of the two remaining options, donuts fit the best.

Once we picked the dessert option, the final step was the best of all … taste testing at a couple of bakeries!

With desserts options, like other parts of wedding planning, we learned to just pick what we loved. I’m so glad we did because this has become one of the parts of our reception we are most excited to share with everyone!

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