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wire decor

Wire grids are functional and transitional décor pieces that can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether you are setting up the grids to display your seat assignments, floral designs or simply as an art piece themselves we are loving the industrial vibe they add! After you’ve pined over this inspiration, make sure to check out how the team at NWD used wire grids in our 2017 edition by clicking here!

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If you are seeking an eclectic décor piece with a touch of rustic and a whole lot of cozy, incorporating a cowhide rug into your event may just be for you! These pieces can be used for their intended purpose – as a rug to accent your altar during the ceremony or you can use them as aisle runners or draped on a table and set with eclectic & modern dishware as the finishing touch. The team here at NWD are tried-and-true animal lovers, so we suggest choosing a faux fur rug to fit your needs. They look and feel just like the real thing but are a better animal-friendly alternative, plus the cost is much more friendly to your pocketbook. By choosing faux fur, you also have a variety of styles and colors at your fingertips to add visual appeal to any space.


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BB Molly - Wedding Invitations

It’s time for Joshua and I to pick out our wedding invitations! After a lot of deliberating, we decided to have them custom-made by a local vendor, Dana Osborne Design, because of the personalized touch and our passion for creativity & art. Many factors influenced our decision and I’m hoping that by sharing our thoughts, we will help you make your invitation selection too!


Consider . . .

1/   Run with your wedding theme and colors.

2/   Keep the writing simple and clean.

3/   Take some time to think of the right wording & don’t forget to carefully proofread the final design.

4/   Compare costs Is personalized artwork significant to you and your fiance? If so, you might want to consider a custom design instead of a generic predesigned template. However, if you want to pinch pennies that option may work best.

5/   Don’t leave out the other items you’ll need from your paper goods set Thank You cards, menus, programs, escort or place setting cards, and so on!


This is a REALLY fun part of the wedding planning! It can be overwhelming at first, but just go stepbystep, breaking it down by pricing, theme, colors, and it will be a breeze.

Happy Planning!