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Do you have diamonds on your Christmas wish list? Let Riddle’s Jewelry help you find your perfect jewels this holiday season with an introduction to Diamonds: 101, all about the 4 C’s!

COLOR: A diamond’s color is categorized anywhere between colorless to light yellow, brown or gray. Very few diamonds show no trace of color at all. Diamonds with natural tints of other hues are classified as fancy colors.

CLARITY: A diamond’s freedom from blemishes on the surface and inclusions in the inside refers to its clarity. Almost all diamonds have clarity characteristics and the less prominent those characteristics are, the more valuable the diamond becomes.

CARAT WEIGHT: The standard unit of weight for diamonds is the metric carat. One carat equals 0.200 gram. Because of the rarity of bigger diamonds, they will cost much more than twice that of two diamonds half its size.

CUT: The term cut refers to a polished diamond’s shape and faceting style. The most popular cut is the round brilliant. The choice of cut often depends on personal preference.





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Winter 14 DIY - Intro Name Cards UPDATED


This simple DIY project is showcased in our Winter Feature spread seen in our current Winter 2014 Issue, out on newsstands now. In just a few easy steps, we’ll show you how you can create your very own name cards!


Winter 14 DIY - Supplies

Winter 14 DIY - Plants UPDATED

With a quick trip to your local craft and home improvement stores, you can get all the supplies you will need to complete this project. Your supply list should include: a glue gun, glue sticks, rosemary, bay leaves, white card stock, name card design and scissors. While we opted for rosemary and bay leaves, you can substitute your greens of choice!


Winter 14 DIY - Cut USE

Winter 14 DIY - 3x1

Design your name cards and print them on a standard white card stock. Then, cut out your name cards. Using a glue gun, place a dime-sized dot of hot glue in the middle of the blank space on the card. Lastly, add two bay leaves to your drop of glue, followed by a piece of rosemary.


Winter 14 DIY - Name Cards UPDATED

Simply place these name cards with your place settings to add the perfect winter touch to your wedding decor! Not only will these name cards look lovely, but the amazing fragrance of the herbal greens will add an extra element to your winter wedding theme.


Winter 14 DIY - Final


Check in with us next week for our final post in this Winter DIY series – our red-berry hair demonstration! To see more from this lovely winter photo shoot, pick up your very own copy of our Winter 2014 Issue to see the entire Winter Feature spread!

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