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One of the most exciting parts of planning for our wedding was picking the destination. These days, destination weddings and honeymoons are taking place in a variety of locations, so it’s important to pick a location you will love. The laid-back atmosphere of a beach resort and the warm weather of the Caribbean really called to us.

Once we knew the type of location we were looking for, we considered cost, convenience and travel times to narrow down our location search. I like to fully research everything before I do anything so I was able to narrow down a location by finding information on 1) when the best times to travel to each location were, by considering weather + popular travel times, 2) how convenient travel to that location would be for our guests, by considering travel time + airport connections and 3) which locations really gave us the most bang for our buck.

I loved Turks & Caicos, but it wasn’t the most cost-efficient choice for our guests. Belize was another one of our top choices but meant long flight times and a long drive from the airport. We settled on Mexico because there were so many resort choices with a variety of amenities for the cost – and it couldn’t be more perfect for our wedding group!


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I am a self-confessed hater of surprises so I would be lying if I said I hadn’t dug around a bit (or a lot) to figure out when Brian would be proposing. Well, this definitely backfired on me and led to the best surprise (and hopefully only one) I could have ever asked for. I had been thoroughly convinced that a proposal would be coming on my birthday, so the day before I was giddy all day thinking that it would be the last day before we would be engaged.

We spent the day with Brian’s family, who had come to town to celebrate his two brothers’ impending moves away from Nebraska. After family activities had wound down (with no hints from anyone that a secret was being kept – I definitely watched out for them), Brian asked if I wanted to go for a quick walk through Pioneer’s Park. We began our usual route through the park, eventually leading to my favorite clearing. I instinctively went to sit down in the spot we usually stop to talk, when to my surprise Brian got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife! Of course I said yes, albeit through many happy tears. He even had my mom and sister there hiding in the bushes to capture the moment. After collecting myself, we left to go celebrate at what I thought would be a family BBQ. Instead I walked into a surprise engagement party with all of our closest friends and family (cue the waterworks again)! Brian had even brought in my best friends from Texas and Oklahoma to help him plan and celebrate with us. To top it all off, the next day I got to have the best birthday ever as the future Mrs. Wurster!