8 Flowers to Incorporate Symbolism into Your Wedding Bouquet

There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to wedding flower options. Chances are you’re enlisting a professional florist who will work wonders with your floral decor, but don’t hesitate to make a request if there is a particular plant that you’re dying to see in your bridal bouquet! Below, find some of our favorites and read a little bit about their traditional symbolism.

1. Anemone
Interpretations and meaning: Some say the anemone offers protection against ill wishes and can also symbolize excitement for the future.

2. Craspedia
Interpretations and meaning: Good health.

3. Dahlia
Interpretations and meaning: Dahlias can represent dignity and elegance. They are also the symbol of a commitment and bond that will last forever.

4. Lilac
Interpretations and meaning: Blue lilacs are said to symbolize happiness and tranquility, while the magenta blooms represent love and passion. Lilac, the color for which the flower is named, is a light purple that symbolizes a first love.

5. Lily of the Valley
Interpretations and meaning: Lily of the Valley frequently symbolize modesty and happiness and have been a popular choice for wedding ceremonies since the middle ages.

6. Peony
Interpretations and meaning: Symbolism of these gorgeous and incredibly popular blooms range from romance and prosperity to good fortune and a happy marriage.

7. Protea
Interpretations and meaning: Protea symbolize change and transformation in many different cultures.

8. Wax Flower
Interpretations and meaning: The Waxflower is sometimes associated with riches and enduring wealth, but they are also known to represent lasting love.

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Five photo-worthy first looks

You’ve been preparing for this moment for about a year now – every detail of your big day from your invitations to your caterer to your nails. You want it to be absolutely perfect. Now, it’s finally the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’re about to make a forever promise and seal it with a kiss. The dress had to be hidden and the look kept secret, but the buildup is worth the reveal. Your love is right in front of you. Yes, it’s the first look. Tears, excitement, joy, passion – however you’re feeling, it shows. Take a peek at five photo-worthy first looks that we love:

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4 Engagement Ring Trends We’re Seeing in 2019

We’re seeing some exciting and unexpected engagement ring trends heading into 2019! With the popularity of non-round cut stones on the rise, we’ve been noticing a particularly high number of pear-cut stones in 2018 and 2019. This beautiful shape looks especially enchanting with an added halo, but makes for a gorgeous solitaire as well. Another increasing trend is brightly colored stones, for a ring that truly stands apart. Opt for a unique diamond shade, or different stone like an emerald or a sapphire. Perhaps fueled by Instagram influencer Emily Ratajkowsky’s bold choice, one of the more surprising trends we’ve noticed is a rise in the popularity of two-stone sparklers. We have to admit we’re loving this unique setting and the symbolism that it represents. Lastly, art deco is back in a big way (seems appropriate as we approach the roaring 2020’s!). This classic style still manages to create a contemporary vibe for a timeless yet stylish choice. Which trend are you considering?


Brightly Colored Stones

Two-stone Setting

Art Deco

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Ballet-inspired Wedding Details

It seems the world of ballet has a lot in common with the world of weddings. Soft, romantic details like tulle, silk ribbons and classic blooms can be found just as easily at a performance of Swan Lake as a they can at a wedding ceremony. In addition to these little details, one of the wedding industry’s favorite colors of the past few years is borrowed straight from ballet style – that’s right, blush pink! This rosy hue has been popping up in wedding decor and trends for years and it is easy to see why. It pairs beautifully with gold and green (among other colors) and photographs beautifully. Below, find some of our favorite ballet-inspired wedding details!

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Bright, Punchy Wedding Palette Inspiration with Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

Have you heard? The folks at Pantone have declared Living Coral as the 2019 color of the year. We have to admit we are eagerly anticipating seeing this bold hue being featured in different ways in the upcoming wedding season. There are so many opportunities to infuse this color in your wedding style, from the smallest detail like a peachy pink signature cocktail, to a full-on statement like an entire bridal party decked out in various coral shades. Whether you’re looking to go all-in with the coral concept, or just adding accents here or there, check out some of our favorite details below for inspiration!

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