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Wishing Bride Blogger Molly and her fiancé Joshua good luck on their wedding day this coming Saturday – CONGRATS to you both! On behalf of the team here at NWD and all of our readers, thank you Molly for sharing your inspiration, wedding-planning experiences and insight with us! We have truly enjoyed following your journey from engagement to wedding day.

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We are over the moon for this fresh floral statement – FLORAL PILLARS! A unique presentation of lush blooms + greenery, we love their versatility to transition from a modern wedding altar to a dynamic photo prop that your photographer will love – you can even easily integrate them into a lounge area for your reception, making the most of this multi-functional piece. Talk to your florist about working some floral pillars into your own wedding day!



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In days past, ice sculptures used to be a popular staple at high-end wedding receptions. As time passed, we saw them phase out as a dated mainstay meant only for generations past. However, ice sculptures have received a modern-day makeover as a functional decor piece for many current couples! From a display piece for chilled seafood or late-night ice cream snacks, an icy bar accent to keep your guests’ cocktails cool, or even a work of art freezing lush florals in glass-like perfection – regardless of the use, ice sculptures haven’t lost their wow factor as a statement piece. We know you’ll want to join the revival when you check out these beauts!




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