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I’m really starting to get excited for all of the events that will take place leading up to the big day!

 Jerad’s mom is planning to make the trip from Colorado for a wedding planning weekend here at the end of the month.  Since she’s from out of state, she didn’t have the chance to go to any bridal shows or visit venues with us when we picked where to hold our reception.  She also hasn’t had the opportunity to meet any of my family yet.  So, I’m working on arrangements for both me and my mom to take some time away from work and make the most of a long weekend.  I’m thinking we’ll go to St. Mary’s to take a look at the church, set up some time for us to meet with Holiday Inn to start working out the details for the reception, maybe do a cake tasting, and finalize my dress pick.

At the end of October, one of my very best friends (and Matron-of-Honor) is planning my bachelorette weekend in New Orleans – my tickets are booked and the countdown is on!  The Jazz Half Marathon will be one of the main events for the weekend, but the heart of it will be just some good-ol-fashioned girl time!  This is the same race I did last year during a trip Jerad *almost* proposed on.  I’m not a competitive runner by any means, but I think the training for this will provide a good stress management outlet for me in the midst of all of the wedding preparation, plus it will be some good bonding time with the girls.  So far, I know my Maid-of-Honor and a couple of other friends will be making the trip, too.  As if New Orleans wasn’t a crazy-fun place on it’s own, it will also be Halloween weekend.  I cannot wait!  There’s been talk about some wedding-themed running attire… tutus?  A veil?  Matching shirts that say something like “One last run before the FUN!”?  To be determined… 🙂


178 days to go!


  • Amanda - I love the “One Last Run Before the Fun!” idea, AND wedding running attire is a MUST! For your playlist I would download all your favorite pump up songs from the ol high school days, along with all of the Jock Jams of course! Sounds silly but those are what get me running faster, no one has to know your singing “We Will Rock You” in your head…as for specific songs I probably won’t be much help, my playlist consists of Waylon, Willie, Conway, Johny, and June 🙂 I can’t believe it’s only 178 days away!!! I remember when I was at 178! Take care and talk to you soon! <3ReplyCancel

This color palette had our heads spinning. We love the traditional autumn hues of rust and a mustard yellow, but the navy and light blue makes this pure perfection. The best part of this color palette is that your bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear nearly any shade in it!

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Cake / My Sweet and Saucy, Invitations / Ritzy Bee Blog, Bouquet / Pinterest via Style Me Pretty, Shoes / Badgley Mischka.

Silhouettes are fun, charming and they bring a ton of personality to your day. We love seeing them on cakes, games, table numbers and scattered throughout your ceremony and reception. For a softer look, try printing your silhouette in a pale hue layered over lace.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Cake /, Tablescape / Style Me Pretty, Invitation / 100layercake, Yard Game / Initmate Weddings.

Because FXB isn’t a weight loss program, I’ve had to find other ways to measure my success than just stepping on the scale every so often to see if I’ve lost any weight. For most people, myself included, this is an entirely new way of thinking.  I’ve always measured my “success” at the gym by what the scale tells me, but now I am discovering other ways that my hard work is paying off! Even after just four weeks, I feel that I’m already starting to see some changes, even if they are small!

 One of the ways that I’ve found that FXB is working is that my fiancé, Dan, and I like to ride our bikes on the Lincoln trails.  This past week, we went on a bike ride and we always challenge ourselves to go up this big hill without stopping. Because we both have somewhat competitive personalities,  (Read: Dan has a very competitive personality and I sometimes care enough to compete) Dan always, without fail, makes it up the entire hill and I will usually stop and struggle a bit.  Not this time, folks.  I made it up that entire hill and didn’t even feel that tired.  My legs weren’t on fire as I remember from last summer’s bike rides and I was feeling good! (And proud.) Maybe next time I’ll challenge Dan to TWO times up the big hill.

 Also, I can already feel that my clothes are fitting differently than before and my arms are starting to look more sculpted than I remember from four weeks ago. Yes! This is my extra motivation to keep setting the alarm clock for 4:25 am and do my best while I’m there! Engagement pictures are right around the corner.

 I haven’t told you much about the products Max Muscle has provided me, but I believe they are playing a huge part in my success.  I am taking MaxPro Protein in Vanilla, and I must say, it’s way better than other protein powders I’ve tried before. It’s smooth, tasty, and doesn’t have the consistency of shredded chalk. I was hesitant at first of the taste of my Bazooka AfterGlow that I take when I finish my workout, but it’s really growing on me.  I actually look forward to drinking it once I’m done, because it’s sweet and helps curb that mean sweet tooth I have!  I am also taking Dfine 8 and Vit-Acell, but I plan to talk about those more in another post. All of these products help give me some extra energy and also help with recovery after my workouts. 

 Have a fabulous holiday weekend!  I already know I’m going to need some serious willpower because not only is it 4th of July, but we are celebrating my dear Grandmother’s 80th birthday with a party, and my sister is in town from California! I can only imagine what kind of goodies I will run into! I can do it!

 Last but not least, thank you to all those that serve our country and courageously put their life on the line to protect our freedom. I cannot express enough gratitude toward your courage and bravery. You’re always in my prayers.

See you next week!