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The wedding is just WEEKS away, people! This week, I wanted to summarize things what’s going on with a few photos.

 First up, here are some of my gifts. My maid of honor with the help of my bridesmaids threw a great shower for me this past weekend. Look—I even got a corn head to help cheer on the Huskers as one of my presents! I also got this adorable mug set. Me, “Mrs. Always Right?” Darn right! But as much as I love all the new shiny (and generous) gifts, it’ll be a loooooong day putting them all away!


Now, here is a photo of my photo timeline. My photographer (Photography by Bethany) is a type A personality just like me, which is great. She sent me this schedule practically minute-by-minute. I am making a few changes as you can, but then she sends a “pretty” version to forward out to the wedding party and family so they know just when to show up for their part—super helpful …for them and for me! In sending this back to her, I also need to finish deciding we’ll go for pictures and stops on the bus between ceremony and reception. Honestly and embarrassingly, it has been one of the hardest decisions for me in quite awhile!


What I DIDN’T take a picture of was my rehearsal with the band on Monday. Yes, I’m singing a song with the band. Our Journey jam session was super fun, but I don’t think they’ll be asking me to replace their actual lead singer anytime soon. Three weeks until the live show!!