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Recently I have been thinking of what I want my wedding flowers to look like. When I look at the big scheme of everything, the flowers really aren’t quite as important to me as other items such as the photography or food, and I want to try and save a little bit of money on them. When I was looking at a couple places online I couldn’t believe the amount of money they suggest you budget on flowers! I went into Joy’s Floral in Minden a little skeptical about the whole flower business and walked away very excited about the flowers. During my consultation they listened to what I had in mind, my budget, and color choices.

I was told that since I did not have my heart set on any type of specific flower there was actually a lot more for me to choose from (and easier for me to stay within my budget!) I am going to go back after the first of the year to meet with them again to get things set in stone, but for right now, I am just finding photos of ones that I like.


Bouquet 1– I love how simple this one is!

Bouquet 2 – This one is different than anything I’ve seen before, and I love how they used the feathers

Bouquet 3– Minus the huge bottom, this one is probably my favorite- it has such a classic and timeless look to it!

Bouquet 4– So pretty!!

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I’m back to work and my other “normal” routines today after a long bachelorette weekend in the Big Easy (aka New Orleans).  I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends, many of whom travelled many miles (950+ on average) and hours to be a part of a big celebration.

After spending Wednesday traveling, we arrived at my Matron-of-Honor’s home, where we found sweet little welcome totes waiting for each of us on our beds.  Bre definitely welcomed us to New Orleans in style, having had totes, shirts, koozies, and handkerchiefs made.  She also filled the bags with some New Orleans staples, such as Creole seasoning, jambalaya mix, and beads, of course.

 We woke up Thursday to head into the swamp for the morning.  I’ve been to Louisiana a handful of times, but taking a swamp tour was a first for me.  The weather was near perfect to spend a few hours out on a boat.  We saw our fair share of gators, and one of my bridesmaids even mustered up the courage to kiss one.  I passed, though I did hold the little guy.  After our tour, we drove into the city for lunch and some shopping on Magazine Street.  Our lunch spot was Joey K’s, which had been featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.  Later in the afternoon, we had had another girl to pick up from the airport.  As our entourage was making our way through the airport to meet Brittani, we were stopped by an airport employee.  I wasn’t entirely sure what the deal was, but I was pretty sure we were in trouble for something.  As it turned out, she saw that we all had on our matching bachelorette weekend shirts, and wanted to welcome us to New Orleans with beads.  I wish I’d taken a picture so ya’ll (yes, I picked that up down there) could see how crazy huge these things were.  I had to take them off after awhile because they were too heavy for my neck!  We ended the night back at Bre’s house with jambalaya, daiquiris, and a trip to Wal-Mart for “craft” supplies.

On Friday, we packed up and migrated into NOLA for the weekend’s festivities.  The agenda included a horse-drawn buggy tour of the French Quarter (we did get a peek at Brad & Angelina’s home), an afternoon stop at the infamous Café du Monde for a quick pick-me-up of beignets and coffee, then we checked into our hotel before hitting the casino for dinner.  Bre & I made one more trip to the airport to pick up some friends from Texas, and our crew was finally all there.

Saturday was an early morning as we’d registered to participate in the Jazz Half Marathon / 5K.  The race started at 7am, and there were 7 of us running in total.  Our “craft” project that we’d been working on for over the past couple of evening was making tutus for us to run in.  That seemed like a cute idea at the time, but we all got pretty tired of it pretty quickly.  In the end, we all got ours done, and they were cute to run in, though not very practical. 

I met a new friend along the route that morning, who truly taught me the meaning of “Laissez les bons temps rouler”!  Somewhere between miles 1 & 2, I formed a fast friendship with this cute little blonde who was also doing the 5K.  When we came up on our first water station, we were greeted by a pirate (we were in New Orleans on Halloween weekend J ), who was jolly enough to make us each a bloody mary for the road.  How could we say no?  Then somewhere between miles 2 & 3, we came along another festive roadside bash, all decked out for LSU.  Lauren casually mentioned that I was in town for my bachelorette weekend, and out came the champagne!  With a bloody mary in one hand, and mimosa in the other, Lauren and I jogged across the finish line, toasting to each other and an unforgettable tale of a new friendship.

Saturday was a pretty eventful day outside of just the race.  We somehow managed to squeeze in a quick trip to one of the St. Louis cemeteries (where we caught a glimpse of Marie Laveau’s tomb) lunch and shopping in the French Market, and a quick dip in the hotel hot tub before getting ready for our big night out.  I knew we had a dinner reservation on Saturday, but the details were kept as a secret from me.  The first surprise was when our transportation showed up – Bre had made arrangements for us to be picked up and taken to dinner in a beautiful white horse-drawn buggy.  Surprise #2 was the dinner location.  We ended our ride at Antoine’s, which is the oldest family run restaurant (since 1840!) in the US and has 14 different dining rooms.  We  had the “dungeon” as a private dining room for our group.  It was adorned with miscellaneous news clippings and notes from visitors past – such as General Patton, Pope John Paul the II, Judy Garland, President Roosevelt, etc.  The history in itself was amazing, and the food, was too!  After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to change clothes in preparation for a night on Bourbon Street.  Most of us just changed back into the shirts Bre had made (for the ease of keeping track of each other), but there were countless ghouls and other characters roaming the city that night.  We came upon another bachelorette party that was dressed as troll dolls – super cute!

I don’t have all of our pictures together yet, but here is an assortment from the weekend.

Only 59 days left to go!  Cheers, ya’ll, & laissez les bons temps rouler!


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  • Katie - You’re too sweet, Brittani! Glad you were able to make the trip, too. Lincoln, Valentine, New Orleans… Where will our next adventure be? 🙂ReplyCancel