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I got some very welcome news this week that Jerad should *hopefully* be able to head back to NE soon – possibly even at the end of this week (he’s been harvesting wheat in California since right after Memorial Day).  Of course, I’m over the moon about getting to see him and spend time with him, but I’m also pretty excited at the thought that he can help with some more planning!  The majority of my time has been spent at work lately, so I could really put him to work using his phone skills to get things lined up with vendors. 
The biggest priority on my mind at the moment is choosing our photographer.  We have our options narrowed down, but we haven’t made any contacts beyond that.  I’d love to find time for an engagement shoot, too, before harvest starts back up for Jerad here, and I have a feeling he’d love a shoot like this…

techniques for engagement photography

We also need to get in some time with the priest that is helping us complete our marriage prep.  We knew schedules could be an issue over the summer (and possibly right up to December) with Jerad’s unpredictable work schedule.  We were able to meet with the priest in Kearney once before Jerad left and completed our pre-marriage inventory assessment, so we at least have a start on things.
Between Jerad heading back and his mom making a trip in a couple of weeks, I have a feeling that we’ll probably make some good headway in all of our plans by the end of the month. 
164 days to go!

Whether it is a muted hue or neon bright, we love the color of melon. To mute it down, pair it with a cool grey or ivory. For a bold look, add it to a coral pink and green!

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Bridesmaids / Pinterest via thesweetoccassion, Invite / Pinterest via enormouschampion, Flowers / Pinterest via weddings.theknot, Place Setting / Pinterest.

This inspiration board includes a rich blueberry hue with a bold stripe. It’s borderline nautical and we are completely in love. Try pairing with a leafy green in the spring and summer and a dark pumpkin shade come fall.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Tablescape / Style Me Pretty, Invitations /100 layer cake, Bowls / Decor8blog , Twine / Pinterest.

Nothing says summer like a bowl of cherries, some red blooms and sweet lemonade. Soften a bright red with ivory, pale blue and green. This inspiration board is a little country with a great vintage twist.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Drinks / Pinterest, Cake / Martha Stewart Weddings, Napkin / Ruffled, Cherries / Pinterest.

We’re finished with week six and I feel more exhausted than ever, but I have plenty to keep me motivated to finish this challenge! Last Saturday we did our 5-week testing and I almost met my goal of improving in everything. I improved on my push-ups. I improved on my sit-ups. I shaved 43 seconds off my mile time. (For someone who despises running and stayed up far-too-late the night prior, I was proud of this.)  What did I NOT improve on?! My sit and reach. Seriously?! The one thing that is easy to practice and I didn’t worry about is the one thing I did not improve on!  I have to laugh. I tell myself that I’d much rather be fit and toned than be able to be ridiculously flexible. (I can touch my toes! Since when is that not good enough?!) Someone did mention to me that as your muscles grow, your flexibility could decrease. Who knows? The truth of the matter is that I’m not sweating about it! I can very easily work on my flexibility and stretching to improve next time.

 I have to be honest: I’m tired. I’m getting burnt out on watching my carbs. I want to eat some ice cream on any given hot summer afternoon that I choose…but I’m really trying my best. I can use a little extra motivation sometimes to keep me going and luckily Dan has been very supportive!  I’m glad he’s there to cheer me on when I just feel blah. The first five weeks were great and I am seeing good things happening, I just know I need to keep the momentum going.  As I was searching for a few online resources for my summer school students, I stumbled across a website with motivational quotes, particularly for athletes. There were quite a few that I could relate to and loved, but this one really jumped out at me:


 So… I’ll keep thinking about my hard work, my progress, and what those starting bikini pictures look like (that I have hidden in a dresser drawer) and I’ll keep going at 5 am and doing my best! In the end, I can feel as great at this boxer:


 P.S.  I have been getting a lot of compliments too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really do feel the results are starting to show…. Here I am dressed up for a wedding I went to this past weekend. For me, the first few places I noticed change were my arms and then midsection. It’s no wonder… everything we do involves our ARMS and ABS! They are sore all the time! 

See you next week!

  • Liz Simmons - Kelsey, you look AMAZING!!!! You always have!! but now the look on your face shows you truly feel great about yourself. 🙂


  • Cathy Reese - What a knockout you are!!!!! You look so beautiful and health! I’m so proud of you! Love ya,