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I’m an event planner by trade, so naturally, a very detail-oriented person. I say this because I do realize that I shouldn’t care about bridesmaid shoes as much as I have been, but I do.  I’ve found a couple pairs that haven’t worked out for my girls because of size issues or some other reason.  I feel like I’m at my wits end with this shoe stuff because I’ve literally looked everywhere; I’ve scanned the stores and web sites of all the usual suspects—DSW, Target, Chinese, Nina brand sites, Zappos and department stores, but  zip, zero, nada. Where, oh, WHERE am I going to find the perfect pair?!

Here’s all I want: chocolate brown, 3.5” heel max, preferably satin and peep toe, if possible.   Oh, and under $50! That’s not too much to ask, right?!  The dresses they’re wearing are also chocolate brown and are short, pretty much right at the knee, so shoes will definitely be on display.  My latest thought is to set some parameters and just have each girl pick out their own shoes. Not only would it give each of them a shot at wearing the shoes again, but it’d certainly also reduce my stress level some (however silly it is to be stressed about in the first place!)

The bridesmaid jewelry, on the other hand, is something I’m excited about!  It’s mustard yellow to really stand out against the dresses and it’s all is currently being custom made.  All the necklaces will be the same but different, if that makes sense.  It’ll be somewhat similar to what’s pictured below—emphasis on somewhat.  It’ll be part of the girls’ present from me –and a surprise—on the night of the rehearsal dinner, so this is just a teaser photo to get them as excited as I am!


We fell in love with this rockstar + ultra glam wedding as soon as it graced our computer screen. Sarah Pfeiffer Photography rocked it out for Jessica and Scotty’s big day. We love the purple, red and deep violet hues as well as that beyond adorable pup! Congratulations you two, may you have a beautiful life together!

  • HiLLjO - Her veil, their colors and that puppy are slammin’!ReplyCancel

  • Mrs James Foster - the wedding was absolutely beautiful!! it was a perfect day!! the flowers were gorgeous, the cake was amazing, the bride was just gorgeous…everything was perfect!! and the dogs were too adorable!!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - It was an incredible day. From the cake to the flowers, everything was exceptionally beautiful. Sarah did a great job…so excited to see the rest of the pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Foster Shiffermiller - I had an amazing wedding day with great vendors, thankfully Sarah Pfeiffer is the best photographer in the world and was able to capture every beautiful moment! Thanks Nebraska Wedding Day!ReplyCancel

  • Joy Shiffermiller - Loooove the groomsmen pic! the bride was gorgeous too.ReplyCancel

  • Aubrey - I am a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding. She’s been working hard to stick to her budget, but insists on using Sarah as her photographer. Your photos are nice, but I was surprised to hear of her rates. Larger than I’ve seen in Chicago! My concern is that she may not get what she pays for? Most of the photos I’ve seen look very “Posed” and look a lot like the photos you could get at half the rate. I’m looking around to see if brides have candid photos they can provide from their weddings? More unique shots she’s done?ReplyCancel

Since our RSVP cards have been rolling in, I had to start thinking of how I plan to display the escort cards. I know many weddings in Nebraska do not use seating charts, but I feel as if it’s my job as the bride to make sure everyone feels welcome and part of that is who they sit by. Now, my immediate family and Tyler’s could easily find their own seats…it’s the couples and guests who don’t fall on either side of the family and may not know another guest there. I want to make sure they sit with a fun table who may share similar interests(and age!) I’m sure many brides find escort cards and seating charts too much of a hassle, but I assure you it is not. Proof? My only concern is how I display them! ha!

Instead of doing a serious seating chart, I am only assigning guests tables and then they can select their own seat. For my meal options, I will use a stamp on their escort card so the servers know who gets what. I purchased ivory cards at Michael’s months ago and plan to use them as my escort cards. I want to do something fun to display them though! Here are some options.

1. Magnetic BoardI love this idea because I can select any paint color to match my palette for this display. It would be a great DIY project for my Dad and I. Cons? I’d have to purchase a ton of small magnets and my escort cards are folded so I’m not sure how they would display.

2. Pin Up BoardI love the idea of using tacks on a cork board wrapped in fabric to display my escort cards. Cons…I’m sure all the needed materials are not cheap! Otherwise, I love this!

3. Chalk BoardI know I can buy chalk board paint in any color but I do love the white on black. This would be another DIY project for my Dad! Cons…I do not have that pretty of handwriting and I’d have to change my plans and place the cards on the appropriate tables.

4- Chicken WireI know I’ve mentioned this before in a post and I still love it. I think it’s unique, fun and interesting. Cons? It may be a little more country than I was going for at the reception.

So now I want your opinion….which escort card display do you like best?! I cannot wait to hear!



  • Blair - Option #2! I think you’d be surprised by how cheap that ends up being, especially when it sounds like you don’t shy away from DIY. I’ve helped a friend make a few homemade headboards by wrapping fabric on wood frame. It sounds like you’re a frequent Michael’s shopper, too, so just save up on coupons and go get some fabric scraps on sale one day. It’s an awesome opportunity to personalize by having several different boards with different fabrics up on some easels or something. And if you don’t want to buy the board(s) yourself – you can a) make them! It’s just a piece of plywood or even foamcore with a layer of corkboard “stuff” glued to it (I’ve made an 11″x17″ bulletin board before this way for less than $20 in Hobby Lobby supplies) or b) register for some bulletin boards to wrap- surely you can find a use for them post-wedding up at your house or at work! Just some thoughts. Good luck – would love to hear what you decide!ReplyCancel

The last word to describe Nebraska would be ‘tropical’ but we find no reason not to bring these colors and spice to our fabulous state! The coral, peach and bright pink make any wedding element a statement peice.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Tablescape / Pinterest, Cake /Pinterest, Dress / JS Boutique, Bouquet / Pinterest.