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We met with our pastor this week to finalize ceremony details. Can I get a halliejuah?!

 We started wedding prep classes wayyy back in January, so almost nine months and nine meetings later, I am relieved to be able to scrape that part of the planning process off my plate.

 Now, I am not Catholic, nor really, any religion, so it was somewhat of a struggle to pick out readings, non-secular songs and prayers of the faithful.  I first had to learn what all of those terms even meant! To my credit, though, I will say that I took the process very seriously and read through all my options and chose the three passages I felt really represent our beliefs best. Normally, I try to be kind of clever (and hopefully entertaining) with my blog posts, but this week, if you’ll permit, I also have something sappy to say. The marriage prep meetings and general planning conversations with our priest have really brought us together and given us a better understanding of our relationship as it stands and where we expect it to be as we move forward. We are having a full mass with communion at our ceremony (prepare for a full hour of fun, people!) and I’m equal parts nervous and excited to see how it all turns out, if I kneel at the right times, stand in the right place, say the right things, etc.  Even though it’s supposed to be all eyes on us up there, it could very well be the case that we have to share our attention with the altar decorations I picked out. That was my way of telling you that a few weeks back, my mom and I finalized my flower order and Mulhall’s has come up with awesome designs that I can’t wait to lay my eyes on, especially the arrangements that will be at the church.  Those will be a combination of mostly curly willows, with a few bittersweet branches for pops of color and some greenery cascading down each of the two tall dark brown columns.  And there will be more branches where those are coming from — more on the rest of awesome Mulhall’s creations another time! In the meantime, here’s a teaser photo I found online for some inspiration to take for the general concept of what I wanted at the altar.


This inspiration board is timeless, modern, and simple. We absolutely adore this khaki, pebble and ivory palette. To add some romance, try a ruffle or polka dot pattern on dresses, invitations, the cake and decor.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Table Setting /, Dress / Net-a-porter, Invitations /Pinterest, Dresses / Pinterest.

This past weekend I worked on a few projects with my Mom. Our favorite one was the moss initial letters we made for the church doors. I’ve seen them on Etsy for close to $60(a letter, yikes!) and figured it couldn’t be that hard to do ourselves. We went to Hobby Lobby and spent close to $25 in materials. We bought:

Floral Pins(1.25″)

Super Moss INSTANT GREEN(it is set on a thin mesh sheet, we used one package per letter)

1.5″ thick foam


I created a “M” and “T” in Microsoft Word and made them as large as they could fit on the page. Then, I placed them half off the page and printed each letter.

1- We traced the “M” and “T” on the foam. It works best to use pins to hold them in place.

2- My Mom used a steak knife to cut out each letter. To avoid the letter breaking, she cut a square and then cut small chunks out from there.

3- The “T” is all ready to go!

4- I started to wrap the “T” in the moss. I used one sheet(or package) of the moss. I flipped the moss so the backside was facing up and started there. Cut wider than you plan, I cut some areas too short and used scrap moss to cover any white spots. The floral pins worked great and I inserted them at an angle since they were a little too long.

5- Once the initial was covered, I folded ribbon over once and use two floral pins to hold it.

6- The finished project! We will use clear wreath holders to hang the initials on the church doors.

It took my Mom and I about 30-45minutes to create both letters. I think almost anyone can create them, especially if you have ever wrapped fabric for furniture!

I can’t believe it it exactly ONE month today from our wedding day. I never thought it would come so quickly. I’m spending the next 4 weeks in appointments for my flowers, hair, make up, dress, the church, and video & DJ. I can see how some brides get overwhelmed at this point! The best thing to do to avoid that feeling? Get these small project done in advance. I cannot tell you how much better I feel that things like my favor boxes are assembled, my candlesticks are spray painted and my bridesmaid jewelry is all purchased.



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  • Dawn-Hamilton Color Lab - I had one month to plan my wedding, don’t ask, but at week two I almost lost it in Michaels, almost started hyperventilating at the choices and what still needed to be done. The clerk was so helpful and sympathetic. thank goodness.ReplyCancel

Magenta is not for the color-shy bride. It is bright, modern and ultra glam. We love the combination of magenta, soft lilac and a deep plum. To swing it modern, try pairing this color combo with crisp white vases. To keep it glam and romantic, use mercury glass or vintage pieces.

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Flowers / 100layercake, Dress / J.Crew, Flowergirl Dress / J.Crew, Drink Decor / Pinterest.

I got some very welcome news this week that Jerad should *hopefully* be able to head back to NE soon – possibly even at the end of this week (he’s been harvesting wheat in California since right after Memorial Day).  Of course, I’m over the moon about getting to see him and spend time with him, but I’m also pretty excited at the thought that he can help with some more planning!  The majority of my time has been spent at work lately, so I could really put him to work using his phone skills to get things lined up with vendors. 
The biggest priority on my mind at the moment is choosing our photographer.  We have our options narrowed down, but we haven’t made any contacts beyond that.  I’d love to find time for an engagement shoot, too, before harvest starts back up for Jerad here, and I have a feeling he’d love a shoot like this…

techniques for engagement photography

We also need to get in some time with the priest that is helping us complete our marriage prep.  We knew schedules could be an issue over the summer (and possibly right up to December) with Jerad’s unpredictable work schedule.  We were able to meet with the priest in Kearney once before Jerad left and completed our pre-marriage inventory assessment, so we at least have a start on things.
Between Jerad heading back and his mom making a trip in a couple of weeks, I have a feeling that we’ll probably make some good headway in all of our plans by the end of the month. 
164 days to go!