{bride blogger megan} bridal shower

I could not have asked for a more perfect bridal weekend! My bachelorette dinner and bridal shower were so much fun and so special. Here a few highlights from last weekend:

I picked up my gown and now just have alterations in July and my veil to be made!

I did a hair run through with Amanda at Eve Salon. Amanda does such a great job, I can’t wait for the big day!

My bridesmaids and I had dinner & drinks to celebrate my bachelorette party. We had fun playing some great games and I received the cutest BRIDE sweatshirt with pink rhinestones. So fun!

With my maid of honor, Jenna. We have been best friends since 2nd grade. She spent so much time working on every detail(all the way from Milwaukee) and everything turned out wonderfully. It was so great to have her in town for the weekend!

 With my gorgeous Mom who gave me a sewing machine as my bridal shower gift. After all the years my Mom spent behind one, making Halloween costumes and throw pillows, it was such a special gift to me!

My bridal shower was beautiful and I loved being surrounded by my closest friends! Jenna, my MOH, asked Tyler 15 questions about me and taped his responses. As a game at the shower, Jenna asked the question, paused the video and I answered. I got 13 out of 15 correct on what he said! Tyler did such a good job and I think everyone got a kick out of hearing his answers. I also look forward to hosting some fantastic summer parties with the serving dishes and glasses I received. My MOH and Mom did such a wonderful job putting everything together(even down to sewing a gorgeous table runner), I am so grateful!