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This past weekend Ryan and I went to the mall on a quest for bridesmaid’s jewelry.  I have been looking a few places but I just haven’t found anything I fell in love with.

We went to New York & Company, and they were having a great sale so I was really hoping I could find something there, and I did!  I didn’t want the girls’ jewelry to be really “bridesmaidy” so I got each of them a light purple bangle bracelet that has some silver swirls through it and a really nice pair of dangly earrings that have some purple and white beads on them.

My goal for my bridesmaids has been to get them stuff that they can wear again and I think they will all be able to do that with the jewelry I picked out. Another plus was that I got to take advantage of the great sale that New York & Company was having–it worked out perfectly!

I have a super exciting update! I have found PINK earrings as well as a new idea for a hair accessory! I found these beauties at (can’t beat the price!) and they are right shade of pink. They are larger than I expected, but I think they’re keepers! Hooray!

I loved everyone’s feedback on my hair comb options. I have not let go of the hope I will find the right one, but for now I am loving the idea of this peony in my hair. I ordered it and cannot wait for it to arrive! I love the detail on this one I found on My only concern is that the flower will be a different shade than my gown or it will take away from the detail on my gown. Thoughts? Which do you prefer? Rhinestone hair comb or flower?

My mom found these adorable pinwheels online and we plan to make quite a few for guest bags and maybe some table decor (napkin holders?) They look very simple and I love the DIY aspect. I hope to take some notes when making them to share with you, but for now I hope to get your imagination running!

I love the idea of using chicken wire to construct a board for table cards. A perfect project for my Dad this spring! (Little does he know, he’ll have a few!)


I love it when Nebraska brides submit their photos to NWD! This bride-to-be is from Mississippi; the groom is from Nebraska; and they met here in Nebraska where Meghan attends school. This photo shoot was done in Mississippi (where their photographer is based) and Meghan wanted a vintage, outdoor feel for the shoot.

Meghan and her friends like to joke that she had to come all the way from Mississippi to Nebraska to find a real man. Too funny!

Product: Latisse, a lash-lengthening and thickening formula, available at JMISKO

Holly’s take:
Cons: You have to apply the Latisse every night so it takes a commitment. For some people it can also irritate your eyes the first few days you use it, but that didn’t happen for me.
Pros: I totally fell in love with this product! I have always had short, thin eyelashes, and after only a month’s use I can already tell that they are longer, thicker and darker, especially with mascara.

Courtney’s take:
Cons: The brush used to apply product is kind of scratchy. Also, if I didn’t leave it out on my bathroom counter I sometimes forgot to apply it before bed
Pros: DA BOMB! I can’t imagine what they will look like after 12 weeks since the results at 4 weeks are fab!

The verdict: This one is now an NWD fave!

Special Deal: Stop by JMISKO and get $20 off Latisse, making it approximately $100 to try. They are also currently offering buy one get one FREE as well.

*NWD did receive free sample products in order to write this review.