{bride blogger nicole}

This past weekend I had my first shower!  Ryan’s aunt’s and a friend of his mom’s threw the shower for me back in Ryan’s hometown of Clarks.  There were a lot of ladies that I didn’t know very well but it was so much fun. It was a Pampered Chef shower so I had to help the Pampered Chef host, Kristi Twiss, cook a little.  We made a grilled chicken salad and it was so good–we even made the salad dressing!  I learned a lot of good cooking tips while we cooked. I got to pick out some really great items for our kitchen and I can’t wait to use them!

Ryan and I have been thinking about getting a calligrapher to address our envelopes for the invitations.  We have done a little shopping around and decided that we just couldn’t fit it into our budget.  We then messed around with the settings on our computer and printed a sample envelope that looked really great!  So, our task for this weekend is to get a good share of the envelopes addressed.  I’m thinking I’ll let Ryan handle that and I’ll write “thank yous” for my shower.

This week I met with our flower lady at Hyvee, Pam, to go over some changes that I had made to the colors and such since we had met last.  She is the sweetest lady to work with and has been so great!  Since we aren’t doing the branch centerpieces anymore, I asked Pam to do more floral centerpieces; and it is still a really reasonable price which is so nice. I know she will make our flowers look so pretty!

That’s about all we’ve been up to for the wedding.  The big day is getting closer and it’s so fun to see our plans coming together so nicely!


{bride blogger megan}

Although I am still 5 months out from saying “I do” I wanted my maid of honor and best friend to be a part of the planning. My amazing MOH, Jenna, will be making the trip from Milwaukee to Lincoln this April for my Bachelorette Dinner & Bridal shower! Since she was unable to make it to Lincoln when I tried on wedding gowns I thought she could come with me to my hair appointment to help me select the perfect hairdo!

Since August will most likely be very humid and warm (fingers are STILL crossed for 75 degrees and sunny!) I knew I had to have my hair off my neck and out of my face. My amazing hairdresser, Amanda, from Eve Salon has been discussing my ideas with me to make sure my hair stays long enough each appointment leading up to the big day! Here are some of my inspirations. I love the messy low bun look with my bangs swept back. It’s still timeless, classy but a lot more fun and laid back!

Update: I am still waiting on that hair piece I ordered from etsy.com. However, I messaged the seller and they agreed to give me a FULL refund and ship me the product for it taking so long! Talk about a deal & a sweet soul! But brides be warned: check the seller’s refund policy before buying, you may end up with a product that is nonreturnable if it’s the wrong color or size!


{things we love} the fantasy wedding show!

Today we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming (don’t worry, we’ll still share a Nebraska real wedding sometime this week) to talk a bit about something NWD is really excited to be involved in.

The Fantasy Wedding Show is coming up on April 3rd here in Lincoln and it’s going to be fabulous! It’s from noon to 4 PM at the Grand Manse, and if you haven’t already made plans to attend I highly recommend you do so! It’s only $5 at the door and a portion of those proceeds are going to The Friendship Home in Lincoln, which supports abused women and children as they struggle to break free from abusive relationships.

Also, there will be tons of great vendors, workshops and seminars from various wedding experts and the (Almost) Newlywed Game…which will also be used to raise money for the Friendship Home!

And FYI, I have it on good authority that they’re still looking for fun and quirky couples to participate in the (Almost) Newlywed Game; so if you’re interested, email Sara at sara@fantasyweddingshow.com for more info on how to join in the fun!