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Invitations and a wedding logo are very important to me since they set the tone for the wedding. I spent hours on the internet looking at different designs and finally had a fantastic idea to ask my Aunt Susan for a little help! Susan lives in California and is extremely talented. She owns a company called ACME Digital Design and created the prettiest logo and invitation that I just adore. I bought the invitation paper and response cards at Michael’s and plan to get them printed locally. Not only did I save a lot of money but it was so special and FUN to have my Aunt help me create an aspect of my wedding day.

My mom found a place back home in Minnesota (though I am sure there are several places in Nebraska that offer this) that will create a rubber stamp of my logo. What do I plan to use it for? Guest bags, envelope seals, place card decor, and possibly an aisle runner. My favorite idea so far? To needlepoint it and frame it in our house! Since I have never attempted to needlepoint, I’ll definitely plan to take some excellent notes so you can try! I’ve also seen brides needlepoint table numbers for their reception. Adorable! Here is an example of needlepoint. Ignore the owls, but they are cute, right? 🙂


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Our save-the-dates are addressed and sent out! We chose to hand-write them, which proved not to be as terrible as it sounds! We broke it up into smaller piles and spread it across a few days. All in all, they turned out great and we have heard great feedback from everyone so far.

All of the bridesmaid dresses are ordered, and we expect the first few to come in in the next few weeks.

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