{friday freebies}

Today’s freebie is for any NWD bride! Atrium Banquet Facility is offering a great deal on ANY Friday reception booking. Mention this post and you will get  two free kegs of domestic beer for your Friday reception.*

Atrium is a beautiful open space located conveniently right off of the interstate between Lincoln and Omaha with seating for up to 400 guests. They also offer AMAZING catering from “A Better Catering Solution”. Check them out for your wedding!

*Restrictions may apply.

{bride blogger nicole}

This week I am trying to get some little things for the wedding wrapped up. I found some shoes for my bridesmaids and I’m going to try to get those ordered. They are so pretty!  These soft gold, sparkly slingbacks will go so beautifully with their dark purple dresses!

I’m also going to call the church and get our counseling session set up with our pastor. We need to meet with him 3 times before the wedding, so I figured we could do one session per month.
I’m going to order an aisle runner.  I’m waiting for our wedding coordinator at the church to get back to me on how long the aisle is. It would be just my luck that I would order one and it would only go halfway down the aisle!
I am also going to meet with the people that are doing our flowers, catering, and cake, which is all at Hy-Vee on 40th and Old Cheney, and get the details on everything worked out.
Other than that, I will continue looking for jewelry for my bridesmaids and finish up some other details that I’m sure will pop up!

{bride blogger megan} the bridesmaids’ looks

Deciding on bridesmaid dresses was one of the most difficult decisions of my wedding planning so far. I was open to all designs, concepts and colors. I wanted the girls to feel confident, pretty and comfortable. Since I have four bridesmaids, I was even up for the idea of them wearing all different styles and colors.  However, we all decided to wear the same color, which came down to champagne versus a pale blush. We then started searching for all dresses within these two colors through sites like shopstyle.com, J.Crew, Nordstrom’s…you name it! If you can remember back to my first post, I used this photo as an inspiration for my bridesmaids. I loved the pale color and style. It’s classic but has a trendy appeal to it (not to mention, super flattering!)

I found this dress at J.Crew and loved it, but it was final sale (amazing price) but no return policy. Since the girls couldn’t try it on, I had some concerns.

I also wanted some structure to the dress to make it more comfortable and flattering. This champagne color was another option besides pink, but the fabric was not as elegant as I hoped for.

Finally, I found this dress by Alfred Sung and found it at Ellynne Bridal (where I also bought my dress). One of my bridesmaids was in town from New York City and was able to try it on. It looked great and I loved the structure of the dress. It’s SO flattering! We decided against champagne since it was too close to ivory, and I think “pearl pink” is perfect. Next decision? Shoes!
I want each bridesmaid to really show their own style since we decided on a uniform look. Also, I wanted their opinion on what they would wear again, style, etc. Since they are wearing the same dress but with different shoes, they needed a “look” to follow. Everyone agreed a nude pump is not only classic, but they can definitely wear them over and over again. I loved these styles they chose!

I am so glad the dresses are ordered and the girls are happy! I cannot wait to see them once they come in!

{bridal buzz}

I’d really love some feedback from our brides about what to share on this blog. Would you like to see more of bride bloggers, real weddings, rants, engagement photos, freebies, etc.?

NWD really wants to hear more from our brides. So please, share your thoughts. It can be something as simple as what type of hair clip you should wear to something as important as your wedding gown. (Speaking of which, here are some delish options below.)  So please, tell us what you want! We’d love to hear from you!