{bride blogger megan} accessories

I have been obsessed with finding the perfect details for my wedding look. And when I say obsessed I mean spending hours, days, weeks searching for the perfect shoes and jewelry. So far I have been very fortunate with finding my dress within 3 hours and a fabulous pair of earrings within weeks of purchasing my dress. Finding shoes is a different story. My dress definitely needs a shot of color and a pair of blush shoes with a change of jewelry after the ceremony is exactly what I want. I first found these Nina shoes, which looked like the perfect shade of pink online. However, when they arrived they showed up as ivory.

I was disappointed but decided to keep looking. I found these Nina shoes and knew they would be exactly what I wanted. They arrived and are absolutely adorable! They are comfortable and the color is what I was hoping for.

I already found some earrings from Ann Taylor this past December on super sale and I love them. I want to switch my jewelry to pink to add some fun to the reception look. I found these on etsy.com and once again, they arrived in clear, not in pink. They are gorgeous but not what I was looking for at all. I guess the search will continue!

The final piece I am looking for in addition to the pink earrings is a hair comb for my veil. I can’t decide if I should choose a clear rhinestone comb or a pink one? What do you think? I’d love your input!

I’ve realized that it is great to take risks with your wedding look. However, I’ve also realized finding those items you set your heart on takes time and is a trial and error process. Until next time, wish me luck with my perfect pink earring search!


{bride blogger morgan} finalizing plans

Jon and I used our Holiday Break to our advantage. Without having to worry about school, we were able to focus our attention to the details of our wedding:

1. We finalized our menu. We chose a two-meat buffet with two sides. We ended up going with Roast Beef and Hy-Vee’s Chicken Paprikash. For our sides, we chose a green bean casserole and we are still deciding between mashed potatoes or hash browns. We will also have a kids buffet with items like chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese.

2. We re-evaluated our budget. It was a great refresher to go over the budget and see where we were from where we thought we should be. I think it is extremely important to stay on top of the budget because it is so easy to over spend in so many areas. To keep track of budgeting, we have everything in an excel document by column of who is paying for what and how much it actually is vs. how much we budgeted. It makes it so easy to change, up-date, and calculate where we are sitting.

3. We finalized our guest list. After scratching out, re-writing, counting, erasing, and re-counting what felt like 100 times, we put the names of our guests in an excel document. Like the budget, it takes only seconds to change or update an address, add or subtract guests, or calculate how many invites vs. total guests we currently have on the list. We also split it up into two columns based on number of adults and number of kids, which is also helpful in determining the amount to include in our budget. We have added an RSVP column to keep track of the guests attending as we receive the RSVPs later on.

4. We finalized our flowers. After looking at all of the displays at the Bridal Fair, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, but were open to letting the professionals at Hy-Vee give their thoughts. We decided on a bouquet of green Hydrangea for the bridesmaids. We will probably accent with some green spider mums in the girls’ hair. For my bouquet we went with a combination of violet flowers including: Violet Hydrangea, fuscia Carnations, Purple Iris, and purple daisies. We will wrap it in white satin. (see the different flowers below)

Money Saving Tip: We are going to do the bridesmaid bouquets ourselves. Since they are just one type of flower it will be easy to do, and it will save us money on the flower expense!

Until next time,

{real nebraska wedding} amanda+anthony

Is anyone else in need of something bright and cheerful on this dreary winter day? This beautiful real wedding from Matt Elwood of Elwood Photography (with the help of Chris Tierney) should do the trick! This big bash took place at Coco Key in Omaha. Added bonus: the bride, Amanda, is an alumna of the championship UNL volleyball team. Go Huskers!

{cover photo shoot}

Ever wonder how our awesome covers are created? Here’s a peek at the cover shoot with Geoff Johnson that resulted in two of our 2011 covers and a beautiful “Captivating Couture” spread in the magazine.

Special thanks to:
Chris VanKat
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Magnolia Hotels
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{bridal buzz} choose kate’s wedding gown!

Obviously the NWD staff has no say on what gown Kate Middleton will wear when she walks down the aisle to marry her prince in April (and it will surely be custom-made anyway), but if we did, these would be our top 4 choices. Kate has a feminine, classic, and elegant style and we’re guessing her gown isn’t going to be as over-the-top as Diana’s was, so we kept that in mind when choosing. (And before you balk at choice 3, remember Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes!) We’re doing a little informal poll here and would love to see which is your fave; vote below!