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Are you ready to have your socks knocked off by this wedding-day look we are swooning over? Incorporating a gauzy lace sock is such a chic fashion statement that is trending hard and seen all over bridal runways. Pair these beauties with a dainty heel for an ultra feminine look or go bold with a cute bootie and the socks peeking out from the top! Either way, we are in love.


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So long bouquet stems wound tightly in shiny ribbon or rustic twine! Hello to these beautiful, loose silk wraps that cascade down from carefully-crafted bouquets. This style is so romantic it almost feels otherworldly. The only thing that’s missing is a mountain top from which to prance and sing loudly at, while the wind blows your loose tendrils and silk wrap about in a perfect Hollywood-esc movie scene! Maybe we are getting a bit carried away! Either way if you’re loving this look, talk with your florist about wrapping silk fabric loosely around the stems of your bouquet!

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The welcome table is your first opportunity to welcome guests and set the tone of your evening so you should incorporate your personalities and creativity into the table! We’re considering creating a sign to guide our guests to a welcome drink table (cold lemonade or iced tea bar). We’ll tie it into the rest of the wedding ambiance by decorating the table with similar decorations as the head table.

For the guestbook, some love the idea of a book they can flip through with the names of everyone who attended – but Joshua and I are a bit non-traditional in that sense. We are looking into a wild idea of having everyone in attendance assist us with a painting by throwing darts at a canvas lined with balloons filled with paint. This would occur in a roped-off area so all of our adult guests can leave their mark on the artwork that we will display in our home forever! We’re also going to have two video cameras at our welcome table, requesting each attendee to leave a few words of advice via video and we can later edit it into a fun snippet of messages from our loved ones!

Sometimes, it’s the little details that matter most. I tend to remember small, but meaningful details when I look back on past weddings. I hope to leave the same impression on our guests by putting special touches amidst our wedding day festivities.

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