{bride blogger megan} signature drinks

Tyler and I have decided to create a signature drink for our reception. We plan to host beer and wine, and then the signature drink would round out the options for all tastes. Right now I am between a champagne and a pomegranete mojito. In one of my first posts, I shared the photo of champagne with some syrup and a sugar cube. This option would be classy and elegant, and I love the pop of color. I also read that the drop of a sugar cube represents a wish, that the couple’s life may represent the happiness and bubbles that the cube creates. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I hope so! How cute! 




The second drink we are contemplating is a pomegranate mojito. This drink would be refreshing and would cater to more guest’s taste. My favorite part would be these pink polka dot or stripe straws from Etsy! These straws are definitely one of my favorite finds on this site yet! I love them! 




   Here is the recipe for a pomegranate mojito:




 1-   Combine the sugar, lime juice and mint leaves in a tall glass; mash with the back of a spoon.

2-    Mix in the rum and pomegrante juice.

3-    Fill glass with ice.

4-     Top with a splash of soda water.