Pop the Question

OFF THE PAGE is our space for sharing ideas, advice and our favorite bridal trends and design. We thought there was no better way to truly help our favorite ladies than by starting a mini-series called “Pop the Question,” intended to answer any tough question you may have. We hope these Q&A sessions will answer any looming questions and ease your mind when it comes to your planning process! Let’s create a wonderful space that we can help one another plan the perfect wedding day.

QUESTION: We’d love to host an outdoor wedding reception this fall but we are worried about the risk of terrible weather. Do you have any advice for the bride who wants to dine and dance under the stars?

ANSWER: There is nothing better than a perfect evening outdoors in Nebraska. However, our weather is notorious for being unpredictable. Our advice? Use our weather forecast tool (also located in our current issue) to see what the average temperatures are in your wedding month. We also suggest ensuring plenty of shade and cover for guests in case the sun is too strong or the clouds give way to rain. The best advice? A backup plan. Make sure your reception location can provide an indoor alternative in case the weather takes a turn for the worse the day before your wedding.

QUESTION: I have a large extended family and they all want to help in some way with the wedding. I’m timid to reach out for help with the fear they might take over some of my plans with the thought that they are helping me. Advice?

ANSWER: It is natural for friends and family to offer their hands in wedding prep and we always say “Let them!” How sweet that they care for you so much that they want to be involved in your special day! To avoid any uncomfortable situations, have written instructions for each task. Demonstrate the task at hand and let them finish the rest. That way your colors, materials and projects will be controlled while your friends and family are able to chat and contribute to your big day!

QUESTION: My bridesmaids want to select their own dress for the wedding. I’m concerned on how it will all come together. What can I do to ensure that they all achieve the same look and feel?

ANSWER: Mixing and matching bridesmaid gowns is a huge trend right now and we think it can be done flawlessly. We have a few suggestions when it comes to your leading ladies selecting their own dress. The first is to agree on a color palette and dress length. To avoid a wedding party that looks too mixed up, agree on the same length of gown. Secondly, pick a fabric type. If you want a casual feel, cotton or jersey. More formal? Chiffon or taffeta always looks great. Our final suggestion is to try on the gowns in person if possible. Your bridal consultants will help you put together different styles for each body type. Not only can you see how the fabric looks in person, but you can get a good visual of how the dresses will look paired together.

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