Pop The Question

OFF THE PAGE is our space for sharing ideas, advice and our favorite bridal trends and design. We thought there was no better way to truly help our favorite ladies than by starting a mini-series called “Pop the Question,” intended to answer any tough question you may have. We hope these Q&A sessions will answer any looming questions and ease your mind when it comes to your planning process! Let’s create a wonderful space that we can help one another plan the perfect wedding day.

QUESTION: I love the idea of handcrafted details and projects but I’m afraid of how much work it will be to pull off. Any suggestions for a first time crafting bride?

ANSWER: We think the love and joy of your wedding day can be found in the details so don’t push that fantastic idea aside. We suggest focusing on just a few elements: escort cards, table numbers and place settings. By putting your handcrafted projects where guests will see it will not only be worth every penny, but it will save you time and energy!

QUESTION: We want to get married in the fall but it’s so hard to find a non-game day Saturday that’s available. How do we handle guests wanting to watch the Huskers if we were to get married on a game day?

ANSWER: First off, we recognize that Nebraska loves a great football game but we also believe that guests should value your special day and set their love of the game aside if you so ask them to. If you don’t mind guests catching the game(and trust us, they’ll find a way!) then set up a sports corner where you play the game for a short period during your reception or ask the DJ to update guests every quarter. This will keep everyone happy and able to focus on what truly matters…your wedding!

QUESTION: We just recently got engaged, is it common to host an engagement party?

ANSWER: Congratulations! It is not uncommon to have an engagement party although most couples only have showers thrown for them. However, only family or friends should throw an engagement celebration for you. If you feel the need to celebrate, invite your bridal party over for a BBQ or dinner to ask them to be a part of your special day and to celebrate their friendship.

Do you need some guidance or suggestions for a wedding related question? We’d love to help! Email us at submit@neweddingday.com and we would love to help you out.