Pop The Question

OFF THE PAGE is our space for sharing ideas, advice and our favorite bridal trends and design. We thought there was no better way to truly help our favorite ladies than by starting a mini-series called “Pop the Question,” intended to answer any tough question you may have. We hope these Q&A sessions will answer any looming questions and ease your mind when it comes to your planning process! Let’s create a wonderful space that we can help one another plan the perfect wedding day.

QUESTION: My fiance and I both have a lot of siblings, do we have to include all of them in the bridal party?

ANSWER: If you wish to keep your bridal party small, then no, you do not need to include all family members. However, if you are only asking a few of his sisters to be bridesmaids and are leaving a few out, think again. We suggest either including all family in the bridal party or none at all. If some family members are younger, ask them to be flower girls or to hand out programs. Everyone wants to feel included, especially family, and asking them for their assistance makes them feel included and wanted.

QUESTION: My fiance has several wedding day requests and I really don’t want to include any of them into our plans. How do I make him happy and feel included without giving in to his silly requests?

ANSWER: It depends on what he’s asking for. If he wants a certain beer at the reception or to wear a specific tux, you might need to compromise. We suggest asking your fiance for 5 things he believes is the most important to him on your wedding day. Chances are his requests aren’t as demanding or difficult as you might think (and guests won’t even notice if he asks for a giant hunting themed groom’s cake!) However, if he’s asking for something that is against proper wedding etiquette or is a little out there (hot dogs for your reception food?) then find something on his list you can compromise with. Marriage is all about give and take so you might as well start now!

QUESTION: I have my biological father and stepfather in my life. Both raised me from a young age. How do I decide on who will walk me down the aisle without hurting someones feelings?

ANSWER: This is a fantastic question! We would suggest asking your biological father to walk you down the aisle. If you are torn, have them both walk you down the aisle (although some ceremony locations may not be wide enough for all 3 to walk down at once) We’d also recommend having two father-daughter dances at your reception to highlight your love and relationship with both men.

We’d love to help answer any wedding related questions you may have! Email us at submit@neweddingday.com for advice, tips and tricks for your big day.