Come Rain or Shine

Image via musingsinfemininity

If your wedding weekend weather forecast looks like clouds will give way to rain, don’t panic! There are plenty of ways to still enjoy your gorgeous wedding day…come rain or shine!

Here are a few tips to prepare you for a rainy day:

1. Purchase or borrow several large golf umbrellas prior to your wedding day. These umbrellas will cover a larger area, keeping you and your bridal gown dry. (Opt for neutral colors to blend in any photos)

2. Be open to photo location changes. Your photographer will know of alternative locations that may be covered with landscape behind you. Also, be open to taking some images after your ceremony with an umbrella in the rain! They usually turn out to be the favored photos of the day.

3.  If you’re planning an outdoor reception it’s best to have a backup plan. Having a tent ready will save you time, but having an indoor location will guarantee your wedding day is safe from excess water or storms. If you do opt for a tent, make sure all sides of the tent are secure to avoid any wind or rain sweeping into your reception space.

4. Keep smiling! Rain on your wedding day is good luck after all!