4 Engagement Ring Trends We’re Seeing in 2019

We’re seeing some exciting and unexpected engagement ring trends heading into 2019! With the popularity of non-round cut stones on the rise, we’ve been noticing a particularly high number of pear-cut stones in 2018 and 2019. This beautiful shape looks especially enchanting with an added halo, but makes for a gorgeous solitaire as well. Another increasing trend is brightly colored stones, for a ring that truly stands apart. Opt for a unique diamond shade, or different stone like an emerald or a sapphire. Perhaps fueled by Instagram influencer Emily Ratajkowsky’s bold choice, one of the more surprising trends we’ve noticed is a rise in the popularity of two-stone sparklers. We have to admit we’re loving this unique setting and the symbolism that it represents. Lastly, art deco is back in a big way (seems appropriate as we approach the roaring 2020’s!). This classic style still manages to create a contemporary vibe for a timeless yet stylish choice. Which trend are you considering?


Brightly Colored Stones

Two-stone Setting

Art Deco

images via Pinterest