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People are donning their pink ribbons once again now that Estée Lauder is back with their annual Breast Cancer Campaign. With coronavirus leaving the breast cancer community with an increased risk, the company aims to bring their community together under the phrase “It’s more than a ribbon. It unites us.” Since Evelyn H. Lauder launched the campaign in 1992, Estée Lauder has raised over $89 million around the world to support access to research and awareness. Those funds also assist important medical services, such as mammograms, screenings, and support programs. As they continue to inform their community, the Breast Cancer Campaign’s Global Ambassador Elizabeth Hurley said “I am honored to wear the Pink Ribbon proudly and be a small part of the global community that is driven to end this disease once and for all.”

Twenty of the company’s beauty brands have contributed to this year’s campaign. Donna Karan Cosmetics and BECCA will donate $25,000 and $10,000, respectively, to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Other brands are donating the purchase price of certain products to the same foundation. Options range from makeup like Estée Lauder Pink Perfection Lip Kit to skincare, with La Mer Crème de la Mer The Moisturizing Cream. 100% of both products will go towards the foundation. Jo Malone London will donate 50% of the Peony & Blush Suede Cologne purchase price, and Bumble and Bumble will give 20% Hairdressers Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer’s purchase price. A full list of participating brands can be found on the Estée Lauder Companies websiteWhether through a pink lipstick or a floral perfume, any bride can sneak a good cause into her wedding look through a Pink Ribbon product.  

Worried about Sleeping Before Your Wedding? Plan Ahead to Rest Easy!

You’re in the home stretch of your wedding planning, but there’s one more thing on your mind. You’ve heard that soon-to-be-newlyweds may have trouble sleeping before their big day, and you’re worried you might have the same problem. Lucky for you, there’s some good news. By planning ahead and making a few small changes to the day before, you can put yourself in the best place to get a good night’s sleep before you start the next phase of your life!


If you can manage some me-time during the day, it’s recommended to try to do a little bit of exercise. It helps your body to feel physically exhausted, as well as the mental exhaustion you are no doubt feeling from your wedding planning. If you have time earlier in the day, try doing some moderate to heavy exercise so that the adrenaline has time to stop racing through your body by the time you go to bed.

If you’re wanting to exercise right before bed, it might be worth trying a few yoga poses to stretch your muscles and focus your mind before bed. You can even do it from bed if you have a firm enough mattress. There are affordable mattress options online if you need a new one.

Keep Your Routine as Normal as Possible

The human body thrives on routine, especially when it comes to bedtime. You might think that keeping a bedtime routine is only for kids, but it’s really helpful for people of all ages, especially when you’re out of your normal environment.

Whatever you do before bed, whether it’s a hot bath, a face mask, half an hour of reading, or meditating, make sure you can do as much of it from wherever you’re staying the night before your wedding.

Avoid Alcohol

It may be tempting to have a glass of wine or three at your rehearsal dinner to deal with the stress of the evening, but you should avoid alcohol for about four hours before you want to go to sleep.

While alcohol might help you get to sleep, it will definitely cause you to wake up more often in the middle of the night once your body starts trying to process the alcohol, according to the Huffington Post. It can also cause you to become dehydrated, because you’ll have to use the bathroom more often.

If you are going to be drinking alcohol, use the two for one rule – two glasses of water for each alcoholic drink. This can help you from becoming dehydrated later, and make it easier for your body to flush out the alcohol.

Avoid Overeating at Dinner

When it comes to the rehearsal dinner, you will want to eat enough to feel full, but not enough to put yourself into a food coma. If you’re hungry when you go to bed, you won’t sleep well. If you’re too full, you’ll feel sluggish, but are more likely to have trouble getting to sleep.

You’ll also want to avoid caffeine, tobacco and foods with high amounts of sugar or saturated fats, because they can cause sleep problems, according to NBC News. The effects of caffeine and tobacco can stay in your bloodstream for up to six hours, so if you’re having coffee, make sure it’s in the morning.


Written by Samantha Kent of

Bride Blogger Molly > Farewell + Best Wishes!

Wishing Bride Blogger Molly and her fiancé Joshua good luck on their wedding day this coming Saturday – CONGRATS to you both! On behalf of the team here at NWD and all of our readers, thank you Molly for sharing your inspiration, wedding-planning experiences and insight with us! We have truly enjoyed following your journey from engagement to wedding day.

If you missed any of Bride Blogger Molly’s posts, you can catch up on them HERE!


Bride Blogger Molly > Bridal Shower Checklist

As Bride Blogger Molly’s wedding date rapidly approaches, she shares her checklist for a simple + easy bridal shower event. Hopefully these tips will help you create your own checklist for a successful bridal shower event! With 2 weeks left on the wedding countdown, we wish Molly all the luck in her final planning and send our thanks for sharing her wedding-planning journey with us!

My aunt, sister and cousin hosted such a beautiful boho chic bridal shower for me! They definitely went over the top so it was all PERFECT! It’s in the details … and these are some of the ones I adored:

1  >  whimsical backdrop

2  >  picture frame prop with our wedding hashtag on it for people to take photos with

3  >  sweet + savory goodies, including homemade “Miss to Mrs.” sugar cookies – YUM!

4  >  games that we played to ease the mood and make introductions

5  >  thank you assistance … they laid out thank you card envelopes for everyone to self address, which will make it a swift process for me to send them off with my gratitude!

Happy Planning!


Bride Blogger Molly > Bachelorette Getaway Weekend



When I thought of what my bachelorette party would be, I didn’t think of it in your typical sense. I dreamt of quality time together with my closest girlfriends. Instead of a night out on the town that’s over in a flash, I wanted a memorable bonding weekend by their sides. We ended up road tripping to the nearby Kansas City metro area – an easy drive for a weekend getaway! My sister went over the top planning everything down to the last detail. My agenda included a winery outing, a spa day and a night out dancing. With my sister’s help adding in the perfectly-planned meals and a goodbye brunch, we had THE. BEST. TIME. EVER.

If you’re considering this type of bachelorette celebration also, I’d say start by thinking about the vibe you’re going for, then pick a city, then a few group activities to make the most of your time away together. Here are some of the things I loved most, which I would highly recommend you consider for your special day/weekend:

1  >  Gather in a circle and go around with each person to tell them why you love and adore them. Then have them share a memory they have of you. It’s an immediate ice breaker!
2  >  Get a professional photographer to capture photos the night you are all dolled up as a crew – or at least remember to get a group photo during all the festivities.
3  >  Pop some bubbly in the hotel room and put on fun little TEAM BRIDE tattoos.
4  >  Get a fun white dress for your night out – and wear comfortable shoes. I wore my cute scrappy heels to dinner (they were 2-hour shoes), then I changed into some more comfortable wedges for the limo/dancing.
5  >  Don’t forget snacks and a little bit of decor for the hotel room to really set the stage!

Most of all, enjoy every little moment. Don’t worry about having your phone, just be present with these gals you love most in life. Everyone else will capture photos you can admire later on. Happy planning!