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A table paying tribute to family members at a Nebraska wedding

Handcrafted Details To Wow Your Guests

Couples are discovering and truly embracing the magic of custom, handcrafted details. When you rely on your own crafting talent, it doesn’t always save you money; and without a doubt, it requires an investment in time. Below, we have outlined some helpful hints to keep you sane while creating an event that incorporates your unique taste. Focusing on a few distinctive design elements can be the key to making every detail count on your wedding day.

By adding eye-catching signage to your ceremony and reception space, you are not only adding function, but also style and personality. When determining display options for your signage, take a good look at the space you are using. Are there any remarkable focal points you would like to highlight? Did you catch yourself missing a critical turn that attendees need to take note of? If so, these are great opportunities to create signage for your guests. The key to successfully executing any handcrafted project is to focus on practicality.

Chalkboards serve well to greet guests, display menus or designate table numbers. A larger version can even serve as a fun photo booth backdrop. Purchase a can of chalkboard paint for less than $20 and transform a thrift store silver tray or ceramic serving platter into a menu board to be displayed at the start of your buffet line. Certain fabrics, like canvas, can be painted with your names, monogram or even a simple “welcome” and hung from a hook. Remember to use the same font and/or motif throughout your designed pieces to provide a common focal point that draws guests in easily. If you do not have the highest confidence in your own calligraphy skills, you can hire a calligrapher to work on select pieces for a reasonable price.

Place Cards
Are plain white place cards too vanilla for your style? Good news! There are literally hundreds of unique and cost-efficient ways to direct your guests to their designated tables. Some of our favorite double-duty place cards include wrapping a petite baguette in parchment paper or placing your favorite pastry item in a personalized muslin bag. Just add a simple tag with the guest’s name tied with baker’s twine to create both a place card and a component of your guest’s meal. Another option would be to consider a fun and unique way to display traditional place cards. Incorporating a large-scale installation that displays your seating cards can be both functional and a showpiece for your guests to admire.

Table Numbers
Grab your guests’ attention with unique table numbers when they go to find their seats. Use a numerical rubber stamp on fabric or carry your chalkboard signage through to table numbers by using small white ceramic dinner plates. Paint the center of the plate with the chalkboard paint and then use plate stands to prop up each plate on the table. Purchase a neat set of dinner plates at a thrift store or collect unique plates from flea markets or garage sales. Painted papier-mâché letters look great and can make a big statement as well. For a more rustic feel, scraps of wood can be simply stunning adorned with white lettering.

Place Settings
You do not need to break the bank to wow your guests as they arrive at their seats. Small details like sprigs of herbs or fresh greenery make a huge impact on white china or linens. Some of our favorite ideas include menus printed on craft paper or small muslin bags stamped with a monogram or emblem, then stuffed with salted caramels or salt water taffy and tied off with ribbon or twine. Using striped ribbon or twine tied around a simple folded napkin can also make a large impact for just a few dollars.

Many couples are opting out of giving guests wedding favors due to the potential price tag; but here is one solution to that concern—double-duty your guest favors to stretch your budget. Items like mini mason jars filled with fruit crisp or cobbler doubles as a favor and a dessert. Another fabulous idea is to fill small bags with gourmet popcorn or chocolates. Tie the bags closed with ribbon or fold down and seal with a monogrammed self-adhesive sticker. Display them on a cake stand to add another décor element to your cake table. This also allows guests to easily serve themselves and take their favor home with them.

The key to keeping your handcrafted projects stress free is to know your limits and consider your timetable. Many brides become overwhelmed with the countless projects they have planned and often fail to calculate the true time needed to complete each project.

Our advice is to simply focus on the basics. Use an idea you have seen and make it your own. The smallest detail added to a place card or menu may be all that is needed. Remember, often less is more. In the end, your guests will be impressed with the thoughtfulness behind your day rather than the extensive projects you have displayed in every corner.

Pretzel Bars

Food bars are a wedding trend we will always be 100% behind, and when you add salt and carbs into the mix, well – we’re in heaven. A pretzel bar can be a budget-friendly foodie option for your reception. Serve it up as a precursor to dinner or for a late-night snack to fuel all your dance-happy guests – and watch as their eyes light up in delight. Beer cheese, spicy mustard or caramel dip for a sweet + salty spin … just a sampling of the deliciousness that you can serve up alongside the pretzels for drenching. With a variety of display options, from going all in on a food cart showpiece to a DIY approach where they dangle from a copper pipe + wood base stand, you can’t go wrong for how to lay out these twisty treats. Check out just a few of our favorite pretzel spreads below!


Pretzel Bar NEW

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NWD do-it-yourself | Red Berry Hair


Winter 14 DIY - Red Berries Intro UPDATED


These vibrant red berries were key to the styling of our Winter Feature spread in our current Winter 2014 Issue, out on newsstands now. In the hopes of creating a fun and vibrant winter look, we worked with Natalie Westerhold of Salon MohVi & Spa. With her help in lending us her amazing talent and along with beautiful red berries provided by Petals to Platinum, we were able to make our red berry hair dream come to life! This demonstration will show how our red berry hair went from inspiration to reality! Work with your own hair stylist using this as inspiration, and you will be walking down the aisle with your very own red berry hair!


Winter 14 DIY - Steps UPDATED



Winter 14 DIY - Red Berries Final UPDATED


Remember to check out the entire Winter Feature spread by picking up your very own copy of our Winter 2014 Issue!

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Photographed by Slice Studios

NWD do-it-yourself | Place Setting Cards


Winter 14 DIY - Intro Name Cards UPDATED


This simple DIY project is showcased in our Winter Feature spread seen in our current Winter 2014 Issue, out on newsstands now. In just a few easy steps, we’ll show you how you can create your very own name cards!


Winter 14 DIY - Supplies

Winter 14 DIY - Plants UPDATED

With a quick trip to your local craft and home improvement stores, you can get all the supplies you will need to complete this project. Your supply list should include: a glue gun, glue sticks, rosemary, bay leaves, white card stock, name card design and scissors. While we opted for rosemary and bay leaves, you can substitute your greens of choice!


Winter 14 DIY - Cut USE

Winter 14 DIY - 3x1

Design your name cards and print them on a standard white card stock. Then, cut out your name cards. Using a glue gun, place a dime-sized dot of hot glue in the middle of the blank space on the card. Lastly, add two bay leaves to your drop of glue, followed by a piece of rosemary.


Winter 14 DIY - Name Cards UPDATED

Simply place these name cards with your place settings to add the perfect winter touch to your wedding decor! Not only will these name cards look lovely, but the amazing fragrance of the herbal greens will add an extra element to your winter wedding theme.


Winter 14 DIY - Final


Check in with us next week for our final post in this Winter DIY series – our red-berry hair demonstration! To see more from this lovely winter photo shoot, pick up your very own copy of our Winter 2014 Issue to see the entire Winter Feature spread!

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NWD do-it-yourself | Customized Bud Vases


Winter 14 DIY - Bud Vase Intro UPDATED


This simple DIY project is showcased in our Winter Floral spread seen in our current Winter 2014 Issue, out on newsstands now. We’ll show you how you can complete this simple project and have your own customized bud vases!


Winter 14 DIY - Supplies


Using a few supplies from your local craft stores, you will have everything you need to make these customized bud vases! Your shopping list should include: tape, scissors, spray paint, standard sheets of paper and glass vases.


Winter 14 DIY - Print USE


Print the sleeves on a standard sheet of paper – feel free to mix and match fonts, styles and sizes. By using your favorite quotes and phrases, you can personalize this wedding decor to your individual style.


Winter 14 DIY - Paint USE


Spray paint the glass vases with your color of choice, and allow them to dry completely. We opted for a black and white color scheme to accent our red and pink flowers. Painting the vases white allowed them to serve as a neutral background for the paper sleeves. The bottom and top rim will remain exposed, so we spray painted those areas with black – which acts as the accent color to coordinate with our color scheme. This project can be tailored to fit your specific wedding style by simply purchasing the paint colors of your choice that coordinate with your own wedding colors!


Winter 14 DIY - Tape + wrap USE


Next, trim the paper to the desired size, depending on how much of the vase you want to show. Tape one end of the paper to the vase to secure the sleeve. To cover the vase entirely, wrap the remainder of the sleeve all the way around the vase and tape once more. Once the vase is covered and the sleeve is secured, you are done!


Winter 14 DIY - Bud Vases Final


Check in with us next week for our next post in the Winter DIY series – place setting cards! Don’t forget to check out the entire Winter Floral spread by picking up your very own copy our Winter 2014 Issue!

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