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Worried about Sleeping Before Your Wedding? Plan Ahead to Rest Easy!

You’re in the home stretch of your wedding planning, but there’s one more thing on your mind. You’ve heard that soon-to-be-newlyweds may have trouble sleeping before their big day, and you’re worried you might have the same problem. Lucky for you, there’s some good news. By planning ahead and making a few small changes to the day before, you can put yourself in the best place to get a good night’s sleep before you start the next phase of your life!


If you can manage some me-time during the day, it’s recommended to try to do a little bit of exercise. It helps your body to feel physically exhausted, as well as the mental exhaustion you are no doubt feeling from your wedding planning. If you have time earlier in the day, try doing some moderate to heavy exercise so that the adrenaline has time to stop racing through your body by the time you go to bed.

If you’re wanting to exercise right before bed, it might be worth trying a few yoga poses to stretch your muscles and focus your mind before bed. You can even do it from bed if you have a firm enough mattress. There are affordable mattress options online if you need a new one.

Keep Your Routine as Normal as Possible

The human body thrives on routine, especially when it comes to bedtime. You might think that keeping a bedtime routine is only for kids, but it’s really helpful for people of all ages, especially when you’re out of your normal environment.

Whatever you do before bed, whether it’s a hot bath, a face mask, half an hour of reading, or meditating, make sure you can do as much of it from wherever you’re staying the night before your wedding.

Avoid Alcohol

It may be tempting to have a glass of wine or three at your rehearsal dinner to deal with the stress of the evening, but you should avoid alcohol for about four hours before you want to go to sleep.

While alcohol might help you get to sleep, it will definitely cause you to wake up more often in the middle of the night once your body starts trying to process the alcohol, according to the Huffington Post. It can also cause you to become dehydrated, because you’ll have to use the bathroom more often.

If you are going to be drinking alcohol, use the two for one rule – two glasses of water for each alcoholic drink. This can help you from becoming dehydrated later, and make it easier for your body to flush out the alcohol.

Avoid Overeating at Dinner

When it comes to the rehearsal dinner, you will want to eat enough to feel full, but not enough to put yourself into a food coma. If you’re hungry when you go to bed, you won’t sleep well. If you’re too full, you’ll feel sluggish, but are more likely to have trouble getting to sleep.

You’ll also want to avoid caffeine, tobacco and foods with high amounts of sugar or saturated fats, because they can cause sleep problems, according to NBC News. The effects of caffeine and tobacco can stay in your bloodstream for up to six hours, so if you’re having coffee, make sure it’s in the morning.


Written by Samantha Kent of SleepHelp.org

Bride Blogger Brianna // Eye-Catching Centerpieces

eyecatchingcenterpieces rev2

From the day they say “yes”, most brides have the vision of their perfect day in mind. They want every detail to be eye-catching, stunning and something that everyone will remember. I have absolutely been one of those brides but sometimes my imagination greatly exceeds my budget reality. This is why I had to start thinking creatively and using materials that will still give a wow factor while being gentle on our pocketbook.

Since flowers are often very expensive or time consuming if you decide to do it yourself, we wanted to go with an array of candles for our centerpieces. Thankfully our reception space allows open flame, and the soft glow will add to our vintage theme. We also plan to incorporate our dessert into the centerpieces to play a dual purpose. They’ll look gorgeous and people will be able to indulge without ever leaving the table!

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Bride Blogger // Meet Molly!

bridebloggermollyintro v1

Hi there! Lovely to meet you – I’m Molly, and my fiancé is Joshua. We’ve been on a beautiful journey together for the past 7 years, and now we can’t wait to share our wedding-planning adventure with all of you! Everything we’ve envisioned for our wedding day is coming together a little more with each day. We’re blessed to get to celebrate in a private garden location in Omaha, Nebraska, with a boho elegant vibe and a rich color palette of navy, burgundy and soft pinks. Although planning everything for the wedding is so exciting, we are adamant about keeping what comes after the wedding day (our marriage) first in our minds. We’re using this period of time to grow even closer by designing our special day in a way that symbolizes what love means to us. It’s fulfilling to get to know one another more and more as each decision is made based on our different personalities. I’ve been in the wedding industry myself for almost 10 years so I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want/don’t want for our day. I’m looking forward to sharing all my findings as the next 10 months progress!

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Bride Blogger // Meet Brianna!


Hello everyone!  My name is Brianna and I could not be more excited to be a NWD Bride Blogger! My fiancé’s name is Brent and we currently live near Johnson, Nebraska.  For our Nebraska wedding, we are getting married in my childhood church and hometown of Holstein with the reception in Hastings.  We are going for a classic elegance theme with a vintage flare for the wedding and also plan to incorporate a lot of our individual styles. Our color scheme is neutral tones of ivory, beige, and white along with pastel pink and mint.  I can’t wait to share the rest of our wedding planning journey in the next 8 months with you!

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