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7 Unique Bridesmaid Styles

They are your best friends and confidants. You know you want them to look FINE on your wedding day to compliment your GLAMOROUS gown! Here are 7 styles that you can get inspiration from for your big day!

Boho Bridesmaids

Love earth tones and lace? This is the style for you, boho is a beautiful trend that compliments every body type, skin tone, and hair color!

Blushing Bridesmaids

Pink is always in. It’s the color of love and romance! “SO FETCH!”

Floral Bridesmaids

Don’t forget about florals! Add them into a mix and it sure will complete the look.

Classic Bridesmaids

Want something a little more formal and clean cut? These black bridesmaid dresses bring that crisp, formal look you are searching for!

Neutral Bridesmaids

Neutral tones are always a good choice, especially when you have bright colors in your bouquet!

Short Bridesmaids Dresses

Show some leg girl!

All White Everything

Have your girls beam in white just like you! Except you’ll still be the vocal point, no worries!


Nebraska Wedding Day

Bride Blogger Danielle | Bridesmaid Dresses

Bride Blogger Danielle - Bridesmaid Dresses, V2

Picking out your bridesmaid dresses is supposed to be torture FUN! However, organizing a day where you and your girls can get together and play dress-up is easier said than done, especially when your bridesmaids are spread out across the country!

So, to save my girls some travel time and money, I opted to try an online resource, which offered a virtual showroom that mimics the “in-store” shopping experience. I was able to pick out my favorite dress styles, adding them to my showroom, and could then invite each of my bridesmaids to my showroom to take a peek. Each girl could “like” and comment on each of the dress styles they liked.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service I received. I was assigned my own stylist who helped guide me through the “shopping” process. She shipped me fabric swatches to compare colors, and even let me know when “on sale” dresses were about to go back to regular price! On top of that, they have their own line of bridesmaid dresses you can RENT! So, if you are a bride or bridesmaid on a budget, this might be a great option for you!


A NOTE FROM NWD EDITORS: Digital shopping can certainly provide added convenience when your bridesmaids are scattered across different cities. However, for those brides who are lucky enough to have all your gals local, nothing beats turning a shopping trip into a bonding experience for the entire bridal party! Don’t forget that local bridal boutiques can be a great resource to find stunning bridesmaids dresses, in addition to bridal gowns, and can help you find a beautiful collection of dresses personalized to your style, all the while making lifelong memories with your favorite gal pals! 


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