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Wedding Myths Debunked by the Wedding Experts

Have you ever felt like knowledge can be both a blessing and a curse? That is how you might feel from about the immense amount of well-intentioned (but sometimes unsolicited) advice offered by friends and family as you plan your wedding. How can you possibly determine the good advice from the bad—the current trends from the passé? What is acceptable now could be vastly different from what was appropriate for your grandmother’s wedding over 50 years ago. Since the wedding industry is forever evolving, even advice from a bride as recently as five to 10 years ago may no longer apply. That’s why we are here to help you sort out the common misconceptions and to guide you through the most common wedding myths.

Wedding Myth #1
A wedding planner is an unnecessary expense.
More often than not, the cost of a wedding planner is money well spent in the long term. A wedding planner can offer invaluable up-to-date advice, assist in making decisions and ultimately save you from a multitude of headaches along the road to wedded bliss. Additionally, wedding planners may end up saving money on costs due to their connections within the industry, such as negotiating a group rate with a hotel for your out-of-town guests. They can use their business relationships to negotiate a satisfactory rate at hotels, venues and other vendors while saving you time and effort.

Wedding Myth #2
Only the bride should wear white.
Thanks to the high-profile weddings of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the tradition of white being worn only by the bride is no longer a steadfast rule. After all, weddings are trending toward the non-traditional, and not all brides wear white anymore when it comes to their big day. Ideally, close family members should check with the bride before selecting a white dress for the occasion; when in doubt, accessorize.

When it comes to dressing the wedding party, there are more choices now than ever for colors, fabrics and styles. It is entirely up to you whether your bridesmaids are decked out in the same dress style or different shades of your favorite color. You can even mix and match similar styles and hues, as long as the end result is tasteful and coordinated. Thinking of mixing in some shades of white or ivory? As long as you are comfortable, everyone else may as well join in!

Wedding Myth #3
A DIY wedding will save you money.
If the truth be told, handmade details can be time-consuming and expensive. If you take on too many DIY projects, you could well find your head spinning. But that’s okay, because you are saving money, right? Well, not always. Sometimes, the materials alone for your project can end up costing much more than intended, leading not only to financial cost, but labor as well. When factoring in both manpower and materials, suddenly a DIY wedding doesn’t seem so wonderful after all.

Cheer up! Handcrafted details do not have to be an overwhelming task, as long as your plans are realistic and achievable. While doing so, keep in mind that there are hundreds of fantastic local wedding vendors waiting to do the job for you. Their sole purpose is to help ease the burden of planning such a large event and give you everything your dreams have envisioned. Vendors also have years of experience to draw upon when creating the perfect product for your wedding day. Instead of taking on everything yourself, pick a few handcrafted details that truly speak to you and your relationship, and evaluate whether the task can be tackled before the big day. If not, delegate those details to the professionals.

Wedding Myth #4
Seating charts are a waste of time.
Assigned seating shows your guests how much consideration and time was put into assuring their comfort at the reception. Not only does it streamline the seating process, it allows new relationships to be formed through the intermingling of family and friends. Keep in mind that if you hire a wedding planner, they can do this work for you.

There are many new and fun options for displaying seating charts and escort cards. Utilize the skills of an artsy friend or relative if you have one. A quality paper vendor will always know how to incorporate escort cards into your wedding suite package, so don’t worry if you would rather avoid the fuss. There are no rules when it comes to invites, so have fun playing with a unique design, size, or shape! Couples can even play with the placement of the invitation card for a twist.

The only rule of thumb when it comes to building a seating chart is to be considerate of your guests. It is wise to have your parents or other designated family member review the chart to double check that you have not overlooked an old feud or uncomfortable relationship, unwittingly placing those guests at the same table.

Wedding Myth #5
Buffets are cheaper than plated dinners.
It is often assumed that buffets are a money-saving option for large receptions. While buffets can be fantastic for offering guests a variety of choices, some dishes can still be rather costly, especially when including one or more carving stations. While a self-service buffet minimizes wait staff, it does not allow for portion control. If it is not properly managed, a self-service buffet can also leave the last guests in line with food that is past its prime, dishes that are cold, or completely empty of food.

One option for portion-control is to have your caterer provide wait staff to “serve” from one side of the buffet to guests as they move through the line on the other. This not only provides portion control, but it also allows wait staff to monitor when an item needs to be replenished.
Another meal service concept growing in popularity is the “family-style” meal. This style is typically less expensive than a plated meal, and your guests will feel more comfortable with no need to wait or get up for their meal. The dishes remain on the table to be refilled by wait staff as needed, cutting down on waste as well as cost. When choosing a family-style dinner, it is important to secure the services of a chef, wedding planner or venue that has experience in this type of service. Also, keep in mind the logistics of each table’s décor as you plan room for serving dishes. You will want to keep tabletop décor to a minimum so that both guests and serving dishes will fit comfortably.

However, don’t count out the benefits of a plated meal, which still allows your guests to make personal choices while bringing an added level of elegance and traditional sophistication to your reception. There’s nothing quite like being served a beautifully plated meal to make guests feel pampered and satisfied. To prepare for this, however, it is essential to include the entrée choices on your response cards and track the selections accordingly for your caterer.

Gone are the days of steadfast rules when it comes to proper decorum at modern weddings. The best advice we can give is to remain tasteful in your choices and considerate of your wedding party, family and guests. At the end of the day, it is best to make these decisions based upon how best you can celebrate your own love story on this very special day, and share it with people that truly care about you and your new spouse.

Bride Blogger Brittney // DIY Bridal Party Bouquets and Boutonnieres


One of the final projects I am working on before we leave for our destination wedding is making the bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding party. I chose to make my own for a couple of reasons: 1) It saved quite a bit of money to make my own rather than pay for them all to be made by the resort florist, 2) It allows me to make them just how I want and 3) We will be using them at the tables for décor to also save money from having centerpieces made by the resort. After the ceremony, we will put the bouquets in an empty vase at each table. Also, since I’m using fake flowers, I can reuse them at our reception in Omaha.

Here are a couple of tips for making your own bouquets and boutonnieres:

  1. Use pictures as your inspiration, but don’t try to recreate something in a picture. The flowers you can use will be greatly based on availability so you may not be able to totally recreate something you find online. But having several pictures can be good inspiration.
  2. Mix unexpected colors. One thing I have learned is that bouquets and boutonnieres should be a representation of your overall theme, including venue, colors, and style – but they don’t have to match the colors perfectly. This is your chance to incorporate some colors that you couldn’t have used for attire or other décor.
  3. Read tutorials. There are some crucial steps that I didn’t think of. For example, you should use floral tape before wrapping with ribbon – it will help hold it all together. You don’t want your floral pieces falling apart upon arrival, especially since you have to pack them.
  4. Consider making extra. I might make one extra boutonniere and one extra bouquet just in case one breaks or comes apart while traveling.
  5. Consider your own bouquet and how it will coordinate with the bridesmaids’. My bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere is being made at the resort because it was included in our package. I am sending the resort florist a picture for inspiration so my bouquet will coordinate with the bouquets that I am making.

Making floral pieces is not for everyone, but I think anyone can do it! It’s a fun, small project that you could invite your bridesmaids over to work on over a glass of wine – sounds like a great way to de-stress before the big day!

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Bride Blogger Casey | Emergency Kit Assembly

Bride Blogger Casey - Emergency Kit

Let’s face it, something is bound to go wrong on your wedding day. I’ve heard it from every bride I’ve spoken with. You may not even know about the emergency due to kind friends and family who simply don’t want to worry you, but it’s still probably going to happen!

You can DIY an emergency kit or buy a pre-made one. I find the idea of DIYing an emergency kit more practical than purchasing one. We all have our particular needs and concerns and we want to make sure we’re COMPLETELY covered!

Here’s what’s in my ‘Wedding Day Emergency Kit’:

  • IBUPROFEN – For the inevitable pain from wearing high heels all day.
  • DENTAL FLOSS – Who wants to worry about having breakfast still stuck in your teeth during your photo session?
  • TIDE TO-GO – I don’t always drink red wine, but when I do, I’m wearing a white dress. Live dangerously, my friends.
  • BREATH MINTS – It also helps to stay away from the onion dip during cocktail hour.
  • COMB/BRUSH – Because we all have that one bridesmaid who feels it’s necessary to repeatedly flip her hair back and forth during the reception dance. 
  • STRAIGHT PINS – Let’s face it, the groomsmen won’t have any on hand for any boutonnieres or corsages.
  • HAND TOWELETTES – For when you get cake all over your hands after stress-eating in the bathroom stall at your crowded reception.
  • HAIR SPRAY – Not even Kim Kardashian can go 8+ hours without a few fly-away strands of hair. 
  • BOBBY PINS – Some will fall out. Trust me. 
  • MINI SEWING KIT – My sister’s bustle ripped at her wedding. Luckily, my Aunt came prepared. I now keep one handy at events such as this. 
  • HEM TAPE – Hems can sometimes come undone with a lot of activity, such as dancing. You won’t regret having this on hand. 
  • TAMPONS – Self-explanatory, girl!
  • DEODORANT + PERFUME – Dancing and sweating pretty much go hand-in-hand. Be prepared and feel confident that you don’t smell like a methane plant. 
  • SAFETY PINS – This one is a classic! You could probably include it in your mini sewing kit. 
  • MAKEUPLast, but certainly not least, recruit a bridesmaid or personal attendant to carry a small bag of your makeup necessities. Include a powder to cover up shine, lip gloss or lipstick and a bit of mascara if you’re prone to happy tears.  

A NOTE FROM NWD EDITORS: For more wedding-day necessities, check out FROM OUR NOTEBOOK in the back of our NEW 2016 Issue to find our handy “Must-Have Manual!”

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Natural Elements

Rehearsal dinners usually get skipped when it comes to decor and details. An inexpensive and easy moss vase can transform a table into an elegant centerpiece. Treat your rehearsal dinner guests to a night of relaxation and celebration with these natural table treatments. I Bloom added some gorgeous floral elements to top off this charming look!

Moss Vase: Simply secure moss ribbon(available at craft stores) with glue. Wrap around vase and secure at top. We finished ours off with some twine knotted in the middle.

Silverware Treatment: Using the same twine, tie a double knot around silverware. Add a custom tag or note for some extra personalization.

Rope Votives: Turn inexpensive votives into delicate details with the help of some twine.

Love this look? Check out how we turned glass vases into rustic decorations.

Blushing Blooms

 A simple palette of blush pink and ivory and an accent of greens makes this inspiration board perfect for early spring. We love the airy and romantic feel of pairing a barely-there palette with natural elements.

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