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Bride Blogger Casey | Balloon Wedding Décor

Bride Blogger Casey - Balloon Decor

When I first started playing around with the idea of using balloons as decoration at my reception, I was not a fan. My knee-jerk reaction is that it would wind up looking like a child’s birthday party rather than a wedding.

I had a sudden change of heart one evening as I was browsing Pinterest and realized just how beautiful and chic balloons can be if you do them right! They’re a very inexpensive way to fill a room with color and add visual height without being too gaudy.

One of my favorite balloon arrangements uses clear balloons of several sizes to mimic the bubbles in champagne. I’ve seen this done a lot with Great Gatsby and Roaring Twenties weddings.

I’ve also seen brides pour glitter inside of the balloons before they blow them up. This works best with clear balloons and adds an incredibly chic vibe to your atmosphere.

If the ceiling of your venue is relatively low and they won’t be a hassle trying to get down at the end of the night, you can even let helium-filled balloons loose to add a festive element to your wedding. Using colored balloons that match the rest of your decorations will really tie all of your décor and colors together!

And who could forget balloon letters! They’re not just for birthday parties anymore. Gold balloon letters are very on-trend with the Pinterest crowd. I like them because they’re a great way to fill up extra space in your venue, if needed. You can use them to display your initials, your new married name or simply the word “love.”

I think the best thing about balloon décor is that almost anything can be done yourself if you rent or own a helium tank. It doesn’t take terribly long to execute, and at the end of the night, simply pop the balloons and you’re done!

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Illusion Neckline

These illusion necklines are drop-dead gorgeous! For the bride who wants to stray from the strapless wedding dress, incorporating an illusion neckline is a subtle way to add romance into your bridal look! Check out a few of our favorite illusion necklines below!

T+T - Illusion Neckline

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Bride Blogger Emily | Ring Bearer Style

Bride Blogger Emily - Ring Bearer Style

There are many things I love about weddings, but one of my all-time favorites is seeing the little ones walking down the aisle. I can’t help but smile when I think of all the little guys we have in our wedding (five to be exact) and seeing them in their tuxedos. I wanted them to match the groomsmen, so they will be wearing full tuxedos – with bow ties and cummerbunds. You can never go wrong when putting tiny humans in formal suits!

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