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A groom lounges at the Monarch Prime & Bar in a tuxedo

Wedding Day Looks for the Well-Dressed Nebraska Groom

This season, look beyond the traditional tuxedo and experiment with texture, color and small accessories that make a big statement.


(Above) Mark of Distinction velvet tux jacket, merino pinstripe pants, white button-down shirt, black silk bowtie and patent leather shoes from Tip Top Tux. Black tungsten wedding band and NOMOS Glashütte watch from Borsheims.


(Above) Ike Behar blue suit, pale blue button-down shirt, pinstripe bowtie and pocket square, and leather shoes from Mr. Tuxedo. Citizen watch and Stephen Webster sterling and lapis cufflinks from Borsheims.

(Below) Cocktail: Prometheus and Barb. A strong, spirited drink featuring smoky mezcal garnished with a dehydrated lime and jasmine flowers, mixed by Beau at Monarch Prime & Bar.



(Above) Caravelli gray suit with pale grey button-down shirt from Gentleman’s Choice Formal Wear. Cufflinks, watch and tungsten wedding band from Borsheims.

(Below) Metal/wood inlay tungsten band and black zirconium band with meteorite inlay from Michael Tish Jewelers.
(bottom right) Triton black tungsten sandblast band, brushed yellow-gold band and white-gold hammered finish band from Borsheims.



(Above) Ike Behar blue suit with vest, white button-down shirt, champagne paisley tie
and leather shoes from Tip Top Tux. Citizen watch and tungsten ring from Borsheims.

(Below) Michael by Michael Kors grey suit, white button-down shirt, pinstripe tie
and pocket square, and leather shoes from Tip Top Tux.

Photography: Kimberly Dovi
Styling: Sarah Baumann Rogers
Art Direction: Janet McLaughlin
Venue: Hotel Deco and Monarch Prime & Bar
Grooming: Brooke Ryan with Creative Hair Design
Styling assistants: Ashley Nicole Dickes, Emily Kerr
Talent: Sterling Smith, Sasha Models

12 Photos you have to get as Bride & Groom

When you are meeting with your photographer make sure you are getting the shots you want. Make a list of certain photos you cannot live without. You want to remember your day more than anyone, have it done right!

The Detail Shot

These kind of shots are made to show those little details of your dress or his tux. These items are all so special, you only wear them once!

The Full Body Shot

Show off your glam from head to toe!

The Veil Shot

Something about the veil photo that shows the true intimacy of the bride & groom.

The Intimacy Shot

Show off your spicy side! As bride & groom, you have the full go ahead!

Down the Aisle Shot

Let’s be real, every bride wants their SO to tear up at the end of that aisle!

The “We just got hitched” Shot

The feeling of true joy emanates from these types of photos!

The Nature Shot

Nothing is as magical as getting married in the forest.

The First Look

This moment, feels as though it can last forever.

The Dog Shot


The Glam Shot

Being honest, you’ll look hot on your wedding day, capture it right.

The Pure Joy Shot

These photos are my favorite as the bride & groom are living their best life and they know it and want to show it!

The Ceremony Shot

Lastly, don’t forget about the ceremony shot. The moment where you two become entertwined for life!


Nebraska Wedding Day

Bride Blogger Molly // The Groom’s Ring Hunt

Grooms Ring Hunt

Ladies, there’s no denying we spend a lot of time and energy dreaming about our perfect engagement ring and wedding band – so I want to encourage you to give your man the same luxury when it comes to picking out his perfect ring! We just began this process, and these few tips have been helpful in narrowing down the selections:

1. Set a budget. This will determine from day one which metals will or will not be within reason. Diamond encrusted bands tend to start around $1,800, while a tungsten ring is around the $250 mark.

2. Consider his personality and lifestyle. Does he work with his hands? Play sports? Heavy lifting? This also impacts which type of metal he should consider.

3. Will your rings match? Maybe he wants the same metal type or an engraved message on his ring.

4. Go together and enjoy the special moment by his side!

5. Remember that maintenance for diamond bands is a bit more extensive than a regular band.

6. Be certain to get the ring sized professionally.

This is something he will wear forever so make sure it’s something he truly loves! Happy hunting!

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Bride Blogger Danielle | First Dance

Bride Blogger Danielle - First Dance

Looking for a way to break in your wedding heels? Consider signing you and your groom up for ballroom dancing classes!

Not only is dancing a great form of exercise, but it is also a great bonding activity for you and your groom to partake in. The last few months leading up to your wedding can get you feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the last-minute details and final decisions. Dancing is the perfect way for the two of you to let loose and have a little fun.

Taking dance classes can also ease some of the nerves you might feel during your first dance. With all eyes on you and your groom, it can be intimidating to take the floor. Don’t let your nerves hold you back! Taking a few dance classes will boost your confidence and allow you to live in the moment.


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