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Worried about Sleeping Before Your Wedding? Plan Ahead to Rest Easy!

You’re in the home stretch of your wedding planning, but there’s one more thing on your mind. You’ve heard that soon-to-be-newlyweds may have trouble sleeping before their big day, and you’re worried you might have the same problem. Lucky for you, there’s some good news. By planning ahead and making a few small changes to the day before, you can put yourself in the best place to get a good night’s sleep before you start the next phase of your life!


If you can manage some me-time during the day, it’s recommended to try to do a little bit of exercise. It helps your body to feel physically exhausted, as well as the mental exhaustion you are no doubt feeling from your wedding planning. If you have time earlier in the day, try doing some moderate to heavy exercise so that the adrenaline has time to stop racing through your body by the time you go to bed.

If you’re wanting to exercise right before bed, it might be worth trying a few yoga poses to stretch your muscles and focus your mind before bed. You can even do it from bed if you have a firm enough mattress. There are affordable mattress options online if you need a new one.

Keep Your Routine as Normal as Possible

The human body thrives on routine, especially when it comes to bedtime. You might think that keeping a bedtime routine is only for kids, but it’s really helpful for people of all ages, especially when you’re out of your normal environment.

Whatever you do before bed, whether it’s a hot bath, a face mask, half an hour of reading, or meditating, make sure you can do as much of it from wherever you’re staying the night before your wedding.

Avoid Alcohol

It may be tempting to have a glass of wine or three at your rehearsal dinner to deal with the stress of the evening, but you should avoid alcohol for about four hours before you want to go to sleep.

While alcohol might help you get to sleep, it will definitely cause you to wake up more often in the middle of the night once your body starts trying to process the alcohol, according to the Huffington Post. It can also cause you to become dehydrated, because you’ll have to use the bathroom more often.

If you are going to be drinking alcohol, use the two for one rule – two glasses of water for each alcoholic drink. This can help you from becoming dehydrated later, and make it easier for your body to flush out the alcohol.

Avoid Overeating at Dinner

When it comes to the rehearsal dinner, you will want to eat enough to feel full, but not enough to put yourself into a food coma. If you’re hungry when you go to bed, you won’t sleep well. If you’re too full, you’ll feel sluggish, but are more likely to have trouble getting to sleep.

You’ll also want to avoid caffeine, tobacco and foods with high amounts of sugar or saturated fats, because they can cause sleep problems, according to NBC News. The effects of caffeine and tobacco can stay in your bloodstream for up to six hours, so if you’re having coffee, make sure it’s in the morning.


Written by Samantha Kent of SleepHelp.org

Bride Blogger Emily | My First Wedding Shower

Bride Blogger Emily - First Wedding Shower part 1

Nick and I are so blessed to have five wedding showers being hosted for us by our wonderful family and friends! We are so lucky and thankful for everything everyone has done and planned for us during this very special time of our lives. Last weekend, I had my very first wedding shower! This shower was a girls-only shower, but it was so nice to relieve some of the wedding-planning stress with special friends and family. For over eight years, I had babysat for the family that threw the shower for me. It was a nice opportunity to spend my Sunday sharing in fun memories and good laughs with them. This is a shower that I will certainly remember forever!

Bride Blogger Emily - First Wedding Shower part 2

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Bride Blogger Emily | Ring Bearer Style

Bride Blogger Emily - Ring Bearer Style

There are many things I love about weddings, but one of my all-time favorites is seeing the little ones walking down the aisle. I can’t help but smile when I think of all the little guys we have in our wedding (five to be exact) and seeing them in their tuxedos. I wanted them to match the groomsmen, so they will be wearing full tuxedos – with bow ties and cummerbunds. You can never go wrong when putting tiny humans in formal suits!

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Bride Blogger Casey | Engagement Photo Advice

Bride Blogger Casey - Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are one of the most fun events leading up to your wedding! I was particularly excited because my fiancé and I don’t have any professional photos together, and this will be our first foray behind the expert lens. I think engagement photos say a lot about you as a couple! Are you a nature-loving couple or city-dwellers? Would you rather spend a Saturday in jeans, curled up under an oak tree with your trusty Labrador or get dressed to the nines and hit up the new piano bar in town? There are so many opportunities to get creative and express yourselves that I think I almost prefer looking at my friends’ engagement photos than their wedding album – not that I don’t enjoy catching a candid photo the photographer took of me desperately attempting to line dance and failing miserably. Here are a few tips to help make the best of your engagement photos:

  • Consider the setting when picking your outfits. Black might be slimming and look great, but it won’t do you the justice you deserve if you’re posing among a garden of bright flowers. Think seasonally appropriate!
  • Comfort is key. If you feel like a particular outfit requires you to suck in your stomach and contort your poses, rethink that option. You don’t want to be constantly readjusting your clothes because the look of discomfort will be obvious even with the most beautiful of smiles!
  • Play off your surroundings. Are you doing your photo shoot at the beach? Ditch those stilettos for a pair of flip flops! You don’t have to go for a full-on costumed theme, just remember to keep an air of being natural in your surroundings and you’ll really shine!
  • Dress on the same scale. This sounds obvious, but I’ve seen it happen! Even if it’s something you would normally wear, dressing in a cocktail dress while your fiancé is in jeans and cowboy boots comes across as non-cohesive.
  • Consider using a sentimental location. Did you and your fiancé have your first date at a café down the street? Let your photographer know, and they most likely will be more than willing to accommodate a change of setting!

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